Prayer Points: August 13, 2017

Sunday, (Aug 13) –  Pray that we will keep our focus on Jesus so He can help us to withstand the temptation to give up. Pray that the Lord will help us not to fall into the trap of discouragement and a defeated mindset, that in times of weariness, we will look to God to help us get back up. When we have neglected our rest or our spiritual nourishment, pray for God to convict us to seek His empowering to correct these problems in our lives. Pray that we will use whatever talents and resources the Lord has given us to honour Him and serve those around us. Pray that we will always keep doing what we know to do and trust God for the results as we make this decision not to give up.

Monday, (Aug 14) – Praise God for good attendance for The Unfinished Story Seminar and the Youth Baptism and Membership Class last Sunday. As the 2 programmes are on-going for a number of weeks, pray for perseverance from the participants, and that they will give priority to faithfully attend all the sessions. Pray that God will honour and bless them for their commitment, and they will grow in their understanding and knowledge of God, and of His sovereign will for their lives. Pray that through these classes, the participants will deepen their relationship with the Lord.

Tuesday, (Aug 15) –  Pray that the teachers in the ELShaddai Refugee Learning Centre will see teaching not as a job but a ministry, to be able to touch lives and let God do the work of transformation in the lives of the children. Pray for the children who are greatly affected by the dysfunctional families they come from. Pray for more teachers and volunteers to visit these homes and bring God’s love to them. Praise God for people who have come forward recently to contribute foodstuff to feed almost 600 mouths daily. Pray for more sponsors to help meet the felt needs of the children.

Wednesday, (Aug 16) – Pray for TRAC: DUMC is hosting a preaching seminar on Expository Preaching on August 17 & 18, 2017, conducted by Dr Danny Moses (PhD from Oxford). Pray for God’s anointing upon the Dr Moses. Pray that pastors and lay people will be blessed by the teaching and this in turn will lead to more effective preaching in the future. Pray for God’s hand of protection upon the seminar, and for journey mercies for all those who are travelling.

Thursday, (Aug 17) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for all the Sultans in Malaysia. They are all well-educated and have the privilege to be state rulers in Malaysia. Pray for godly wisdom upon them. Pray that they will work closely with their respective Menteri Besar for the well-being of the citizens. Pray for courage and boldness upon them so they will speak up for the good of the nation and the well-being of the people (especially the poor and marginalized) in their respective states when the need arises. Pray that the Royal Council of Rulers will be a great check-and-balance for the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Ministers.

Friday, (Aug 18) – The Annual General Meeting of the Methodist Women (MW) in Klang Wesley will be held tomorrow, August 19, 2017. As this is election year, pray for dedicated women to take up new positions in the MW Working Committee. Pray for commitment from the women in every area of church life, that in areas of spiritual walk, to have women who will spend time in prayer. Pray that the Lord will guide the MW in the area of social concern, that He will open the eyes of the MW to see the needs of the people around them, and to have the wisdom to help meet those needs wherever and whenever they can.

Saturday, (Aug 19) - Pray for the World: Pray for the Christian youths in Brunei, especially those from the native groups, who are fragile in their faith. Children and youths are forced to study Islam at an early age in schools. Pray that God will protect their minds, and they will be able to differentiate God’s truth from lies that are being perpetuated. Pray for the church to come up with creative discipleship programs and activities so that these young ones can grow in their faith


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