Prayer Points: August 27, 2017

Sunday, (Aug 27) – Praise God that He is our Good Shepherd whom we can trust with our lives. Thank Him for His guidance and care in all our days. Pray that we will walk obediently in His ways as He has our best interests always. Thank Him that He restores our souls, gives us peace, and brings us hope in all of our tomorrows. Thank Him for His protection and strength that surrounds us like a shield so we never have to fear. Thank Him for His goodness and love that follows after us, chases us, even when we are unaware. Because life is uncertain, pray that we will follow this Shepherd who offers us eternal comfort, and brings us into His house forever.

Monday, (Aug 28) – Pray for journey mercies for families who will be going away for holidays during this one-week school break. Pray that the Lord will bless their time of vacation and help the family members enjoy one another and strengthen their bonds of love. As the children will be facing important school examinations soon after the break, pray that they will be disciplined to spend time in their studies, and not be addicted to IT gadgets all the time. Pray for safety and God’s protection upon the children who have to stay at home during this week while their parents are at work.

Tuesday, (Aug 29) – Pray for the Prayer Service hosted by the Klang & Port Klang Pastors’ Fellowship (KPKPF) for the missing pastors, Raymond Koh & 3 others, that will be held tomorrow night (August 30, 2017) in St Barnabas Church. Pray for good weather, God’s hand of protection, a good turn out from the churches in Klang, and a spirit of unity as the people pray for the missing pastors & their families, and for other concerns. Pray also for the NECF Merdeka Day Assembly in SIBKL on August 31, 2017, that many Christians will come together for the public reading of Scripture and prayer in the Spirit of Nehemiah Chapter 9.

Wednesday (Aug 30) – FIC Freed To Lead Class will begin on Sunday, September 10, 2017 for 11 Sundays. As the subject matter is not limited only to leaders in the church, but also to those leading in the home, the marketplace, in public service, or any other context, pray that our church members will sign up for the class so that they will learn how to lead effectively wherever God has placed them, and become the leaders that God has created them to be.

Thursday, (Aug 31) – Pray for the Nation: Today Peninsula Malaysia celebrates 60 years of independence as a nation. Praise and thank God for His faithfulness and blessings upon our nation. Pray that the Christians in Malaysia will hope in God, trusting in His sovereignty, and persevere in prayer for patriotic leaders with godly character and impeccable integrity, for good governance, for impartiality for all ethnic groups (including migrants and refugees), for true religious freedom, and for unity, mutual respect, peace, and understanding among all Malaysians.

Friday, (Sept 1) – Pray for TRAC:  Pray for Living Hope Methodist Church (Bukit Rimau / Kota Kemuning) and the pastor, Rev Teoh Lee Y’ng. The church will be having the Second Local Conference on September 3, 2017. Pray that all will run smoothly, particularly the election of Office Bearers for 2018. Pray that new people will come for the regular Sunday Worship Services. Pray for eagerness of the leaders to press on for God’s things done in God’s way and will not be disheartened in any way. As Pastor Ashok will be presiding over the Second Local Conference, pray for God’s wisdom upon him in all matters.

Saturday, (Sept 2) – Pray for the World:  The Qiang ethnic minority group lives mainly in the northern part of Sichuan in southwestern China. About 1/3 of the people died during the 2008 earthquake. The majority of the Qiang are Buddhists. As of today, there are estimated to be less than a hundred Christians living in this region. There are only five small Qiang house churches. Pray for strength for these believers living secluded from the rest of the world, and for the Gospel to reach many more.

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