Prayer Points: August 6, 2017

Sunday, (Aug 6) –  The MW Week Of Prayer & Self Denial will begin today. Pray that the MW in our church will seek the Lord in prayer during this week for commitment to serve Him. The NECF 40-Day Prayer & Fast will begin tomorrow. Pray that our church members, both adults and children, will be committed to pray daily for the next 40 days for the wellbeing of the nation, the Church in Malaysia and families. Pray for God’s strength, enabling and protection upon His people as they seek Him in prayer and fasting.

Monday, (Aug 7) – Pray for the Cell Leaders Meeting that will be held tomorrow. Pray for good attendance from the Cell Leaders, and that they will encourage and edify one another as they come to together to share and seek the Lord. Pray for refreshment and renewal upon them. Pray that God will empower the Cell Leaders to honor Him with their lives. Pray for protection from temptation and for delivery from all kinds of evil. Pray that cell members will pray for their Cell Leaders regularly, and support them by their consistent attendance and active participation at Cell Meetings.

Tuesday, (Aug 8) –  Pray that God will cultivate in us a heart of compassion for the poor and the marginalized in our society, and be advocates for them, caring for their needs and pursing justice on their behalf. Pray that we will take the time to intercede for those who are suffering abuse and neglect, those smitten with malnutrition and disease, lacking education, housing or the most basic of life’s necessities. As God for forgiveness for the many times when we have ignored those who are lonely, suffering, in great need, living with few resources. Pray that we will be willing to do what is good and what is right unto the least of those who are poor, marginalized and helpless.

Wednesday, (Aug 9) –  Pray for the Nation: Pray for the Judiciary in the nation to be able to function as an independent body, and not be under the executive powers of the country. Pray for wisdom, integrity, courage and accountability for the judicial system, that the judges will uphold and defend the Federal Constitution. Pray that God will raise up more judges who will decide fairly and equitably, with clarity of mind, and not beholden to anyone. Pray that those who attempt to manipulate or abuse the judicial system will be removed.

Thursday, (Aug 10) – The Youth Service will be held this Saturday, August 12, 2017. Pray for good support from the youths that they will come and also invite their friends to come for the service. Pray for God’s anointing upon the youth worship team that the enablers will be focused on glorifying Christ and relying on the Holy Spirit’s empowering as they lead the people in worship. Pray for God’s wisdom upon the speaker, Mr Jonathan Chan (who was also the speaker for the Youth Camp) that what he says will be a word in season for the youths.

Friday, (Aug 11) – Pray for TRAC: Christ Methodist Church Ampang will be having an evening of revival entitled ARISE & REVIVE tomorrow, August 12, 2017, 4pm – 7pm. The special guest artiste and speaker are Ms Juwita Suwito and Ms Marianne Liaw respectively. Pray that young people will come and be revived. Pray that there will be souls saved. Pray also for Rev Buell Abraham and the leaders of the church as they reach out with the love of Jesus Christ to the community.

Saturday, (Aug 12) - Pray for the World: Pray for the majority Muslims in Indonesia to see the contribution of Christians to nation building, especially in the wake of rising Islamic radicalism. Pray that the case of former Jakarta governor Ahok, who is now imprisoned for allegedly blaspheming Islam, will be a wake-up call to the ‘silent majority’ to voice the rights of religious minorities. Pray for Christians to exemplify justice and peace through their everyday life so that unbelievers can experience God’s presence in Indonesia.

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