Prayer Points: December 24, 2017

Sunday, (Dec 24) – Pray for all those who are involved in the Christmas Musical tomorrow to prepare themselves by taking time to reflect on what it means for them to serve the Lord by taking part in the musical as singers, actors, dancers, musicians, sound, lighting and media personnel and managing props and backstage. Pray for a total dependence upon the Lord, and a spirit of unity and cooperation between everyone so that the musical will flow smoothly. Pray that the sound system will work well. Pray for the people coming that God will prepare their hearts so they will respond to Jesus as the Hope of the world. Pray that Jesus will be the centre of our Christmas Celebration, and He alone will be glorified.

Monday, (Dec 25) –  As we celebrate Christmas today, pray that God help us to simplify our activities and traditions so we can focus our celebration on the birth of His Son. Pray that we will never lose a child-like wonder of the glory of that first Christmas morning, when our God and Saviour was born to die for us. Pray that our hearts are full and prepared for His coming, and that we will be active in waiting for Him. Pray that God will give us the vision which can see His love in the world in spite of human failure, and the faith to trust in His goodness in spite of our ignorance and weakness.

Tuesday, (Dec 26) –  Pray for the Nation: The Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rain and flooding in the East Coast in the last week of 2017. Pray for protection upon the people who stay there. Pray for God’s intervention so that the homes and possessions of the people will not be completely destroyed by the flood waters. Pray for all emergency agencies that they will act swiftly to help the flood victims, and pray also for protection upon them.

Wednesday, (Dec 27) – Pray for the World: Pray for the people of Mexico who are trying to recover their lives after the country was hit by deadly earthquakes in the past few months. Pray for wisdom for the Mexican government to help the victims rebuild their home and their lives. Pray also for the children of persecuted believers in Mexico. Pray they will not grow up to resent God but will have a relationship with Him themselves.

Thursday, (Dec 28) – Pray for the Pot Bless Fellowship Dinner on December 31, 2017 that it will be well attended by our church members and friends. Pray that it will be a time when we can enjoy getting to know one another better, especially with people we do not know so well. Pray for the Watchnight Service that follows that we will come before the Lord with open and reflective hearts – to be thankful for all His goodness to us throughout the year, and to consider how we have lived our lives this year as His people. Pray that the service will be a meaningful time as we renew our covenant with God.

Friday, (Dec 29) – Pray for TRAC: There are several TRAC pastors who will be on the move with new churches to pastor in 2018. Pray especially that they will be able to pack and move in time for the Watchnight Service. Pray that all arrangements will be undertaken and especially for God’s peace to be with them and their family members. Pray for these pastors who be relocating: Rev Aaron Ng, Rev Ronald Yap, Pastor Wong Chun Mun, Rev Gaurri Maniam, Rev Elaine Low, Rev Anna Ng, Rev Lucy Lee, Rev Dr Andrew Tan, Rev Thomas Chin, Rev Yong Wai Yin and Rev Woo Kit Sang.

Saturday, (Dec 30) – Pray for the All Night Prayer on January 1, 2018 (12:30am to 3am) that many of our church members will make time to come (even if they cannot stay for the entire duration) to seek the Lord for their lives, the life of the church and the nation for 2018. Pray also for the Morning Watches (January 2 – 7, 2018), that more people will make the effort to come to seek the Lord in worship and prayer as we begin the new year.

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