Prayer Points: December 31, 2017

Sunday, (Dec 31) – Praise God because He has been our home through all generations, and He is always there for us; because He sees all of time in a single moment and His wisdom and majesty exceed anything we can imagine; because He makes His presence known to us, especially in times of trial, and when our years are filled with pain, they are also filled with His love; because He helps us to be wise, teaching us through His Word, and guiding us through His Holy Spirit; because His unfailing love is there for us each morning; and because He has been with us in this past year, and He will be with us always.

Monday, (Jan 1) – Pray for the Morning Watches (January 2-7, 2018) that our church members will be willing and able to sacrifice their sleep, and come to seek God in worship and prayer for their lives, for their families, for the church and for the nation in 2018. Praise God for the men who are leading the morning watches, and pray that God grant them wisdom and insight. Pray that the Lord will grace us with His presence and blessing as we come to meet with Him each morning.

Tuesday, (Jan 2) – The school year for 2018 begins today. Pray for all the children who are going back to school that God will always protect them and keep them from harm of any kind. Pray that the children will be diligent in their studies. Pray that the teachers will be hardworking and do their best to teach the children under their care. Pray especially for children who will be going to school for the first time that they will be able to adapt to the school environment quickly, and be able to form friendships with their classmates.

Wednesday, (Jan 3) – Pray for the Nation: Thank God for His hand of protection upon the nation in 2017, and pray that He will continue to bless our nation in 2018. Pray for the Lord’s intervention in that He will put a stop to corruption, injustice and poor governance. Pray that God will prosper our nation in terms of the economy, racial harmony and religious freedom for all the people. Pray also for GE 14 that God will use it to bring about positive changes in the nation.

Thursday, (Jan 4) – Pray for the leaders in Klang Wesley (LCEC members and Cell Leaders) in 2018 that they will always find their security and significance in Christ alone, and they will lead from a place of rest and reliance in Him. Pray that their service to God and His people will be bold, convicting, encouraging, anointed, and Christ-centered. Pray that our leaders will love their spouses and children, and their families will be supportive of their ministry. Pray that the church members and cell members will also support their leaders’ ministry with words of appreciation and prayer.

Friday, (Jan 5) – Pray for TRAC: Jeremiah School 2018 (JS 2018) began on January 2, 2018, and will run continuously until before Chinses New Year. Reuben Ng, Lim Jade and Lim Faye are attending JS 2018. Pray that it will be a life-changing experience for them and all the others attending the school. Pray for long-lasting fruit for all the participants. One objective of JS 2018 is to challenge young people to consider God’s call upon their lives for pastoral ministry. Pray in line with this. Pray for protection upon all participants. Pray that the spiritual input will be deeply meaningful in shaping their lives. Pray for journey mercies whenever the participants travel to TRAC churches during weekend ministry.

Saturday, (Jan 6) – Pray for the World: Praise God for the religious freedom that many nations in the world enjoy, and pray that the Christians in these nations will boldly share their faith with their fellow citizens who do not know Christ, and be a blessing in their communities. Pray that these churches will stand with the persecuted Church as one Body of Christ and uplift them in prayer.

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