Prayer Points: July 30, 2017

Sunday, (July 30) –  Praise God for the awesome gift of being able to worship before His throne even as we live in this world. Pray that our worship of God is not confined only to our time in church, but that it is a daily expression of love and thanksgiving to the God who is unlimited, almighty, all-powerful, and all-knowing, and who gives us more than we deserve. Pray that our worship will also be expressed in our willingness to exalt God and yield to His will. Pray that the whole of our lives be dedicated to worshipping God and Him alone, in our attitudes, words and actions, every day of our lives.

Monday, (July 31) – Sarawak Day was celebrated in the state on July 22, 2017. Pray for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit to sweep across Sarawak and for God’s blessings upon the people of the state. Pray that the Lord will protect and preserve the Christians there. Pray for the revival fire of God to come upon the Ibans and all the Orang Asal groups. Pray that God will put a stop on those who have robbed, stolen and destroyed the natural resources in the state, and for the wealth in the state to be restored to the people of Sarawak.

Tuesday, (Aug 1) –  Pray for the Nation: Pray for the parliamentary sitting which began last Monday, July 24, 2017 until August 10, 2017. Pray for the holy presence of the Lord to fill the parliament, and for His sovereign will to overrule in all debates, deliberations, decisions and votes. Bind all spirits of evil, corruption, deceit, manipulation and religious fanaticism, and pray that only goodness, justice and righteousness will prevail. Pray for wisdom and unity for the MPs that they will speak with integrity and boldness. Pray that the Federal Constitution will be upheld in its right interpretation, and only bills that benefits the nation and the rakyat will be passed.

Wednesday, (Aug 2) –  Getting Things Done With Only Two Hands – a  workshop to explore tools that help us manage priorities and time will be held on Saturday, August 5, 2017. Pray for a good response from church members, especially from the LCEC, CG leaders & core members, BB & GB officers, Youth Counselors, and Sunday School teachers. Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s guidance upon Brother Chandrasegar Moses as he leads the workshop. Pray that the participants will put into practical application what they have learnt so that they will be able to manage their time well and not give in to the tyranny of of the urgent, but do what is important.

Thursday, (Aug 3) – The Senior Citizens Lunch will be held on Sunday, August 6, 2017. Pray for journey mercies for all those going, and for God’s protection and safety upon them, especially for the seniors. Pray for a good time of fun and fellowship for everyone. The Unfinished Story and the Youth Baptism & Membership Class will also begin on August 6. Pray that all those who signed up for these two programmes will be able to attend not only the first session, but every session, and be blessed.

Friday, (Aug 4) – Pray for TRAC: The TRAC office has 4 persons working there: Rev Dr T. Jeyakumar, Mr Lim Cheng Hin (PA of President), Mr K.C. Poo (Administrator) and Ms Ng Wai Ling (ICM Director). Pray that whenever they work there, they will be under God’s protection from diseases and any form of harm. Pray for smooth coordination of work among them. Pray that they will find time for themselves and time with God despite their responsibilities and duties. Above all, pray that God’s love will keep them closely united to one another.

Saturday, (Aug 5) - Pray for the World: Pray for protection and healing for Christian converts in Jordan which has long been one of the Middle East’s more liberal countries for religious freedom. Pray that the tide does not continue to rise against Christians. Pray for the Church in Jordan to be strong and to continue to grow in their faith in Christ. Pray that Christians in Jordan will find opportunities to share their faith with their fellow Jordanians who have yet to come to Christ.

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