Prayer Points: October 15, 2017

Sunday, (Oct 15) –  Pray for all missionaries: that God will open doors of ministry, godly partnerships and friendships; that they will be led by the Holy Spirit and recognize open door opportunities; that the Holy Spirit will provide missionaries with words that communicate effectively in other cultures and languages; that seeds will be planted and missionaries will be able to see the fruits of their labour; that God will keep His missionaries safe and provide times of peace and relaxation to refresh them. Pray for restoration — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – that can only be found in Jesus. Pray also against evil forces that seek to hinder the spread of the Gospel, and for protection, strength and stamina as missionaries encounter antagonistic spiritual forces

Monday, (Oct 16) –  Pray for the Nation: Praise God for the Conference of Rulers who have voiced concern over the unity and harmonious relations among the rakyat, and who have spoken out against the excessive actions of certain individuals / groups which can undermine the harmonious relations among Malaysians of various races and religions. Praise God for the G25 group of retired Malay senior civil servants that has wholeheartedly supported the rulers’ stance. Pray that the government will take a clear and firm stand against, and urgently and decisively put a stop to the rise of religious extremism, intolerance and bigotry against all individuals / groups promoting such behavior.

Tuesday, (Oct 17) –  As our Hindu friends will be celebrating Deepavali (Festival of Lights) tomorrow, pray that the Lord will open their spiritual eyes to see the true Light of the World, Jesus Christ. Pray that as Christians visit their Hindu friends, God will open door of opportunities for them to tell their friends about the true Light. Pray also that the ministries of churches and Christian organizations to the Indian community will bear much fruit, and many will come to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Wednesday, (Oct 18) – The Amazing Creation Seminar 1 will be held on Friday & Saturday (October 20 & 21, 2017). Pray for a good response, not only from our church, but also from other Christians, and even pre-believers. Pray for hearts and minds to be open to the Spirit of Truth as He reveals God’s truth to the participants. Pray for the Lord ‘s anointing and wisdom upon the speaker, Rev Albert Kok, as he unfolds the truth about the origin of the universe, and other mysteries connected to the creation of the world.

Thursday, (Oct 19) – Pray for the on-going classes / seminars in church: Free To Lead Class, Youth Baptism & Membership Class & XEE Semester 16. Pray for the participants of these classes, for strength and perseverance, that they will consistently attend the classes. Pray that they will understand what they are learning, and more importantly, be able to apply what they have learnt in their daily lives. Pray for God’s wisdom upon the teachers / facilitators.

Friday, (Oct 20) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Faith Methodist Church, Cheras. The church will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary on October 21, 2017, with a dinner and Thanksgiving Service. Pray that it will be a joyous occasion. Pray for Rev David Loo who will be sharing the message during the service. Pray also for the pastor, Rev Buell Abraham, and the leaders of the church as they lead the church. Pray for fruitfulness in the ministry to tertiary students as Cheras is in the hub of colleges and universities.

Saturday, (Oct 21) – Pray for the World: Praise the Lord for the accomplishment of printing and distribution of a Children’s Bible in Vietnam, as the Bible is an instrument to change the future generation. Pray that the printing and distribution of these Bibles will reach many children throughout the nation. Pray that as the children read and study the Word of God, He will bless them and the power of the Word will transform the lives of these children.

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