Prayer Points: October 8. 2017

Sunday, (Oct 8) –  Praise God that He has given every believer special gifts for building up His church. Pray that we will exercise these gifts to strengthen and encourage the church. Pray that the differences in our cultures, our backgrounds, our gifts and talents, our personalities, and our experiences will enrich us, and not divide us. Pray that the Lord will help us make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit that He has given us — to treasure it, to preserve it, to protect it, and promote it. Pray that He will teach us to love, respect and appreciate each other in the Body of Christ, and to live with one another in peace.

Monday, (Oct 9) –  Praise God that the Local Conference for our church that was held last week went off smoothly. Praise God for the people who were elected to serve in the LCEC and other positions in 2018, especially those who will be serving as new leaders in their various positions. Pray for God’s grace and wisdom upon them. Pray that the leadership in our church will work and function as one body, growing in all submission to our Head, our Lord Jesus Christ, and building ourselves in love and unity to bring glory to His name.

Tuesday, (Oct 10) –  Pray that God will set our youths free from rebellion, and all kinds of addictions. Pray that they will enjoy a living and growing relationship with Jesus, and that prayer, Bible reading and private worship will be important to them. Pray that they will have such awesome encounters with Jesus that it will lead to them to want more of Him. Pray that this generation of youths will experience an ongoing transformation by having their minds renewed and that they will be examples to the world in their speech, lives, love, faith and purity. Pry also for more good Christ-like role models for our youths, particularly among their own peers.

Wednesday, (Oct 11) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for the new Inspector-General of Police, that he will be a man of courage and integrity who will carry out his duties without fear or favour. Pray that God will grant him wisdom and discernment as he leads the police force in the nation. Pray that his priority will always be for the safety and security of the rakyat, and he will take the necessary steps to curb extremist and terrorist ideologies and activities in the nation.

Thursday, (Oct 12) – Pray for TRAC: The Central District 2 District Conference will be held on Friday, October 13, at 8pm. Pray for Pastor Ashok as he will be chairing this important meeting. Pray that it will be a smooth meeting and that all delegates will sense God’s presence. Pray for unity of purpose and a spirit of love to prevail. Pray that the District will be able to come in line with TRAC’s Quadrennium Vision, especially in 2018, and that District and Conference work will be in harmony. Pray for all District pastors and District officers. Pray for journey mercies for all who will be travelling to the District Conference.

Friday, (Oct 13) – Pray for VBS 2017. As registration for VBS 2017 is now open, pray that parents and their children from our church will give priority to this event, and parents will start to register their children for VBS 2017 now. Pray that the children will also invite their friends from pre-believing homes to come for VBS 2017. Pray that God’s hand of favour and blessing be upon the VBS, and that He will intervene to ensure that there are no competing events / programmes during the week of VBS 2017.

Saturday, (Oct 14) – Pray for the World: Pray for the Christians in Sri Lanka who are constantly persecuted by Buddhist monks. Despite the legalization of Christian conversion in Sri Lanka, there are still people who are trying to destroy the church and harass believers. Pray that the Sri Lankan authorities will protect the Christians. Pray that the Christians will continue to stand firm in their faith. Pray that they will offer forgiveness to their persecutors, and bear testimony to them of the love and forgiveness of Christ.

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