Prayer Points: September 24, 2017

Sunday, (Sept 24) –  Pray that we will stop placing our trust and hope in the things of this earth, and seek God for the unshakable peace that only He can give. Pray that whenever we are stressed, anxious, or afraid, we will remember to run to the Lord to calm our fears. Whether in trivial or heavy matters, pray that God will not only give us peace but that He will be our peace. As we cannot control people, plans, or even all our circumstances, pray that we will be willing to yield those things to God, and focus on His goodness, power and love. Pray that we will learn to be still and know that He is the God who is always in control of any and all situations.

Monday, (Sept 25) –  Praise God for the Hang out With Us event organized by the Youth Ministry last Sunday. Praise God that the youths and adults in our church had a good and fruitful time getting to know one another better. Pray that there will be more of such events in the future where the youths and adults can enjoy good fellowship together, and whatever barriers there are will be broken down. Pray that as the adults get to know the youths better, they will take time and effort to share their lives with the youths, and journey along with them in their walk with God.

Tuesday, (Sept 26) –  Pray for the Sunday School as the teachers, helpers and children prepare for Sunday School Sunday (SSS) this coming Sunday, October 1, 2017. As the theme for this year is Shine Your Light, pray that the children will understand that as God’s children, they should make a difference for God wherever they are. Pray that they will invite friends to SSS. Pray that their preparations for SSS (worship team, presentations, etc.) will go off well. Pray that SSS will also be a reminder and encouragement for the whole church to shine our light wherever God has placed us.

Wednesday, (Sept 27) – Pray for the Nation: The number of teenage drug addicts are rising in our nation. Pray against peer pressure, exposure, neglect and lack of parental guidance as these are some of the reasons for youths to be drawn to drugs. Pray that schools and parents will play their part to raise awareness on the danger of drugs. Pray that parents, schools, the Education Ministry and the Narcotics Crime Investigation Department will work together to combat the drug epidemic among teenagers. Pray that drug dealers, especially those who target youths, will be caught and severely dealt with.

Thursday, (Sept 28) – Pray for the 2 ongoing programmes in church: Freed To Lead Class and the Youth Baptism & Membership Class. Pray for all those who are attending these classes that they will be able attend all the sessions. Pray for open hearts and minds so the participants will understand and be blessed by what they are learning, and more important, be able to apply what they have learnt to their daily lives. Pray for God’s wisdom and strength upon the facilitators of these programmes.

Friday, (Sept 29) – Pray for TRAC: The Organizational Leadership Module 2 (OLM 2) at Central District 2 will be held on September 30 & October 1.2017. The module will explore faith development, leadership skill development, understanding of self and others in working together. Pray for the facilitators (Rev Dr Jeyakumar, Ms Ng Wai Ling, Rev Ronald Yap & Dr Herbert Tan). Pray that they will be sensitive to God’s leading during OLM 2. Pray that the participants from Central District 2 will not be hindered to attend and that the end result will be better team leadership realized at the local church level.

Saturday, (Sept 30) – Pray for the World: Pray for courage and wisdom for church leaders in Sudan who are prime targets of security services staff members who relentlessly persecute Christians. Pray that the Church will continue to stand strong, and for God to protect His people. Pray that the Lord will open the minds of Sudan’s political leaders to stop persecuting Christians who are the citizens of the country.

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