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How Good It Is (To Give Thanks Unto Our Lord)
Writer/Composer : Danny Chambers

Original Key : E | Current Key : E
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E   D/E   E   D/E   E   D/E   E   B7


                    E              A/E                    E       A/E   E
How good it is to give thanks unto the Lord

                   E              C#m7              F#m7   B7
How good it is to give thanks unto our God

         F#m7                     B7
O He heals the broken hearted

C#m            B        A         E/G#
Binding up their wounds

F#m7             A/B                  E         Ending   D  Eb  E
It is good to bless His holy Name


                    B    C#m/B  B               A    E
O we give thanks               unto our Saviour

                    B                                              E   A/E   E
And with a heart of gratitude we give Him praise

                   B   C#m/B  B                 F#m/C#  C#m
His mercy shall               endure for   -   e   -   ver

   F#m7                                      A/B   B
And I will worship Him all of my days

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