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Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Original Key : D | Current Key : C
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 Verse 1  3 

C                    Fmaj7   F6            F/G              G7   F/C   C     C/D
Great is Thy   faith   -   ful - ness   O   God      my 	Fa  ther
Sum-mer and win    -   ter   and     spring time and  har - vest
Par - don  for  sin 	and 	   a         peace that  en -  du - reth

Fmaj7    G/F   F      Em7          Am7   D7sus   C/D   D     F/G
There     is       no     sha - dow   of      turn   -   ing    with Thee
Sun,       moon and   stars    in    their   cours -  es     a  -   bove
Thine     own    dear pre - sence to     cheer     and  to     guide

G/F                    C/E         F       Gm7           C9     Fmaj7   F6
Thou changest   not, Thy   com - pas - sions they    fail       not
Join   with all      na  ture  in        man  -   i  - fold	 wit   -   ness
Strength for to - day and    bright hope   for    to  -   mor  -   row

F#dim               C/G                   Dm            G7    C
As 	Thou hast been Thou for - ev - er       wilt   be
To     Thy great faith  fulnes     mer-cy       and love
Bless - ings all  mine  with ten    thou-sand be-   side


F/G        G       C2sus       C
Great is Thy    faith - ful - ness

G/A         A       D2sus      Dm
Great is Thy    faith - ful - ness

G        F/G  G   C/E            Cm6/Eb G/D    C/D  D7 G
Morn - ing   by morn - ing    new     mer  cies  I    see

G   F/G  G        C       G/C  F/C   Gm7         C9    Fmaj7  F6
All     I    have need - ed   Thy   hand hath pro  -   vi   -   ded

F#dim             C/G                 C/G    Dm7  G  C
Great    is Thy faith - fulness Lord   un  -  to me

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