Prayer Points: April 15, 2018

Sunday, (Apr 15) – Pray that God will reveal to us the full extent of His unconditional love – that He sent His only begotten Son to lay down His sinless life as the perfect sacrifice for our sin that we might have eternal life, that He provides for all our daily needs, that He is always there with us to strengthen and help us with our trials – so that our service to Him and others will always be a response to His grace and love for us. Pray that in all that we do for God and others we do it with a heart motivated by our love for Christ and gratitude for all that He has done in our lives and not out of a sense of grudging obligation.

Monday, (Apr 16) – Pray for the Nation: As the polling day for GE14 will be on a Wednesday, pray that all voters will be able to have the opportunity to cast their votes, especially those who are working in Singapore, and those who have to travel from outstation back to their respective constituencies to vote. Pray for the entire electoral process to be one of integrity, and be protected from manipulation of any sort, so that the rakyat may have a strong sense of meaningful participation in the democratic process. Pray against all forces of violence, and that there will be peace and harmony before, during and after GE14.

Tuesday, (Apr 17) – Migrant Ministry Klang (MMK) started a new Alternative Learning Centre (ALC) in March 2018 that specially caters to the children of a huge community of Cambodians that belongs to the Champa tribe, one of the most unreached people group. There are about 30 children in the centre at present. Praise God for the opportunity to reach out to them. Pray that as the teachers visit the families of the children, they will be able to connect with the parents. Pray that both the children and the parents will be open and responsive to the visitations, and they will ultimately be receptive to the Gospel. Pray that more children will come to the centre. Pray for God’s protection upon this centre.

Wednesday, (Apr 18) – Pray that every church throughout Malaysia will humble themselves and pray intensely to protect the nation and the leaders from evil forces that threaten to wreak havoc and ruin the nation. Pray that Christians will see the spiritual warfare beyond the partisan politics and the elections and be equipped to be a strong voice for righteousness and justice that will prevent the nation from falling into grave sin and judgment. Pray that Christians will recognize God’s sovereignty over our nation and be filled with peace and faith that God is in control over the affairs of our nation as we pray for a breakthrough.

Thursday, (Apr 19) – Pray for the seminar Discover Your Life Purpose which will be held this weekend, Saturday & Sunday, April 21 & 22, 2018. Pray that all those who have signed up will be able to attend the seminar, and that more people will come even if they have not registered. Pray for God’s wisdom upon the speaker, Pastor Lam Kee Hing, and for God’s protection and journey mercies as he travels from Sarawak. Pray that the seminar will be helpful to all the participants and they will be blessed by it.

Friday, (Apr 20) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Christ Methodist Church, Ampang in KL. There is no pastor in charge of the congregation in 2018 mainly due to a lack of pastors in TRAC. Pray for the church leaders who manage the church and especially undertake the work of a pastor. Pray that they will always work together in love and harmony. Pray for Rev Ricky Ho who is the District Superintendent of CD1. Pray for godly wisdom as he is the TRAC pastor who oversees the pastoral matters of Christ Methodist Church.

Saturday, (Apr 21) – Pray for the World: The country of Laos will be celebrating its New Year this month. Pray it will be a time of revival and that people come to know Jesus Christ as the one and only living Saviour. Pray that the Christians in Laos will stand strong in their faith and will continue to share the Gospel with pre-believers in their communities.

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