Prayer Points: August 11, 2019

Sunday, (Aug 11) – Praise God that He knows the inner thoughts of our hearts, and the areas within that need His refining tool and cleansing touch. Pray that God will forgive us for the masks we so often wear that prevents others from seeing our true selves, and hides a range of inner hurts and damaged emotions. Pray for inner cleansing, that God will heal these inner hurts, and remove all impurities that damage us from within us. Pray that God will create in each of us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within each of us. Pray that the Lord will fill us with His peace and His joy, so that we will be able to show forth His love to others, and worship and serve Him from a heart committed to Him.

Monday, (Aug 12) – Pray for the Nation: The increase in dengue cases nationwide in the first half of the year is at an alarming number. Cases and fatalities nationwide have increased almost twofold during the first seven months (The STAR, August 5, 2019). Pray for God’s protection upon the people who leave for college, university or for work early in the morning, as they are likely to be more exposed to mosquitoes. As there is a new breed of mosquitoes that are more resistant to the chemicals used in fogging, pray that God will give wisdom to the health authorities to come up with new and successful methods to curb the Aedes mosquitoes from breeding, Pray also that the public will do their part to keep their homes and surroundings clean, with no stagnant water lying around.

Tuesday, (Aug 13) – Pray for all Christian families to be united under the Lordship of Christ. Pray that these families will be rooted in God’s Word, honour Him with their actions and words, build each other up according to God’s principles, and extend forgiveness when there is hurt. Pray that parents will raise their children with Christ at the centre of the home. Pray that God will help parents speak His words of love, kindness forgiveness and correction in the home. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give parents guidance and wisdom when they do not know what to do, and what to say. Pray that He will teach parents to discipline their children and to set boundaries.

Wednesday, (Aug 14) – Pray for the day trip to Sky Mirror, Kuala Selangor & Sekinchan on Saturday, August 17, 2019. Pray for journey mercies, and that the bus driver will observe all traffic laws and drive with care. As the trip is from early morning to late evening, and involves a boat trip on the sea, pray for God’s protection, safety and strength for everyone, especially for those in their senior years. As there are non-church people on the trip, pray for good bonding among everyone, and a good time for everyone as they enjoy the wonders of God’s creation at the Sky Mirror, and visit other places.

Thursday, (Aug 15) – Praise God for the good response for the Senior Citizens’ Appreciation Lunch on Sunday, August 18, 2019. Pray for good weather, especially since so many seniors will be going for the lunch. Pray for Dr Tai Kim Teng as he will be speaking, that God will enable him to share a message that will bless and minister to the people, in particular to the friends and relatives who are pre-believers. Pray that our church members will make an effort to connect with the pre-believers, and for everyone to have an enjoyable time.

Friday, (Aug 16) – Pray for TRAC: A group of 18 pastors attended a Pastors’ Retreat in Korea recently, and were greatly blessed by a strong emphasis on Biblical teaching and preaching. Pray that it will inspire these pastors to preach using the redemption history plan of God, with a strong emphasis on Jesus Christ. Pray that the pastors will carve out time to study God’s Word diligently for personal spiritual growth, and for the edification of God’s people. Pray that TRAC pastors will be an inspiration to the younger generation of congregation members in the area of spiritual growth.

Saturday, (Aug 17) – Pray for the World: In Myanmar, leaders’ gatherings bring together pastors and church leaders from different denominations. Pray for unity across the Church in Myanmar. Pray also that young people in Myanmar affected by drug and alcohol abuse will find freedom in Jesus, and have their needs met in Him.

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