Prayer Points: August 12, 2018

Sunday, (Aug 12) – Pray that we will humble ourselves before God and confess that the clamour for our hearts’ devotion comes from many sources and often overpowers the command from Scripture to devote ourselves daily to prayer. Pray that we will repent of the sin of prayerlessness in our lives, and as we choose to change our attitude, the Holy Spirit will empower us to be faithful in prayer at all times, to never give up on asking, and never to lose faith in God and His promises. Pray too that we will recognize the value and importance of corporate prayer in the life of the church and will make a commitment to attend the one of the corporate prayer meetings in church.

Monday, (Aug 13) – Pray for the 40-Day Fast & Prayer organized by NECF Malaysia. The goal is to remember and refocus on the Church’s primary purpose pertaining to the harvest of souls while at the same time in pursuit of a free and transformed nation. Pray for God to release a Spirit of prayer upon His people to faithfully set apart this time and season to seek God wholeheartedly and align our hearts to Him so that our prayers will also be aligned for His kingdom to come. Pray that the journey of this 40-day Fast & Prayer will enrich the spirituality of the Church of Malaysia like never before.

Tuesday, (Aug 14) – Pray for the Nation: Since the new government has taken over in Malaysia, post GE14, many anomalies have been revealed, including those involving public funds. The recent findings that 18 billion ringgit has been unaccounted for pertaining to the GST has caused much alarm. Pray for wisdom on the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and all who are working towards getting the money back for its original purpose. Pray for success. Pray that the current national leaders will not fall into corruption themselves, but lead at the highest levels of integrity.

Wednesday, (Aug 15) – The secondary school students in the Elshaddai E-Learning Centre will be having a school camp on August 20 & 21, 2018. The camp programme team’s activities are to instil in the students that they are marvelously made. Pray that the students will be blessed and encouraged by the camp. Pray that the teachers will exercise that balance of grace and firmness in disciplining the students. Pray that God will be exalted in the teaching, activities and interaction with the students. Pray for journey mercies and safety for everyone in the camp.

Thursday, (Aug 16) – Praise God for all the young adults in our church. Pray that the Lord will teach them to align their work, family, church life, and rest in a way that would glorify Him and enable them to bear fruit for His kingdom. Pray that He will help them to be productive, patient, focused, and insightful in the workplace, and be effective witnesses for Christ in the way they relate to their colleagues and superiors. For those young adults who have young families, pray for God’s protection upon their families, and for His wisdom and grace as they bring up their young children in the ways of the Lord.

Friday, (Aug 17) – Pray for TRAC: Many TRAC pastors attended the D6 Conference in PJ recently. The emphasis of the conference is to empower pastors and leaders to place family ministries as central in the life of the church. The strategy given has a long-range time scale of up to 10 years. Pray for wisdom on TRAC pastors who have heard the call that they will meet up with key leaders of their churches to pray together and seek God for His wisdom in implementing family ministries in their churches. Pray that God will bless every TRAC church with more families (including single parents and children) finding comfort and solace in Jesus through the local church. Pray for God’s love to bind families as one unit in the church.

Saturday, (Aug 18) – Pray for the World: Praise God that nearly all the adults in Nepal have heard the Gospel, and Hindus often seek out churches and ask for prayer when they are sick of have other problems, and many are coming to faith in Christ because of this. Pray for wisdom for church leaders as they seek to find ways to reach the teenagers with the Gospel.

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