Prayer Points: December 30, 2019

Sunday, (Dec 30) – Praise God that He has been our home through all generations, and He is always there for us. Praise Him that He sees all of time in a single moment, and His wisdom and majesty exceed anything we can imagine. Praise Him that His presence is always known to us, especially in times of trial, and when our years are filled with pain they are also filled with His love. Thank God that He has been with us in this past year, and we can be assured that He will also be with us in the year ahead. Pray that even as God has allotted to each of us a number of days to love and serve Him, He will grant us the wisdom to follow His direction and guidance in 2019.

Monday, (Dec 31) – Today is the last day of 2018. Pray that our church members will end this year by coming for the Watchnight Covenant Service tonight. Pray that we will prepare our hearts as we come before God, and be open and honest before the searchlight of the Holy Spirit as we reflect on how we have lived our lives this year. Pray that as we pledge our covenant with the Lord, we will sincerely commit our lives to Him in the coming year. Pray that many will stay back for the Night of Prayer that follows. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom upon the youths as they take charge of the Night of Prayer. Pray also for good weather and smooth traffic flow.

Tuesday, (Jan 1) – The Morning Watches will begin on Wednesday to the following Monday (January 2-7, 2019) at 6:00 a.m. in the Prayer Room, except for Sunday, January 6 which will start at 7:00am. Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance upon the men who be leading the Morning Watches every morning. Pray that church members will give priority to the area of prayer, and be willing to sacrifice their sleep to come to seek God in worship and prayer. Pray for good weather, and for smooth traffic flow, especially since the new school year will begin tomorrow, and people will be travelling to PJ and KL for work.

Wednesday, (Jan 2) – Pray for the Nation: Praise God for sustaining our new government all through last year since May 2018. Pray that His hand of guidance, wisdom and protection will continue to be upon the government and their families this year. Pray that the government will continue to work for justice and righteousness to prevail, to support the poorer strata of society, racial harmony and religious freedom. Pray also that the economic situation in the nation will improve this year.

Thursday, (Jan 3) – Praise God for all our leaders who will be serving God in 2019. Pray for the members of the LCEC, PPRC, and the Cell Leaders that they will seek to know the members of the church / Cell Group, investing in their lives, and walking alongside them in both their sorrows and joys. Pray that they will have compassionate hearts toward those that they help and serve. Pray that they will have wisdom in the decisions they make. Pray for their spiritual lives, that they will grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. Pray for the families of all church leaders as they share their loved ones with the church, that they will not feel neglected in any way. Pray also for God’s protection upon all leaders and their families.

Friday, (Jan 4) – Pray for TRAC: Pastor William Kuong is a new TRAC Pastor. He has served many years in KL Wesley as a ministry worker, but in 2019, he is appointed as Pastor of Faith Methodist Church, Cheras. Pray for him as he takes on this responsibility of pastoring for the first time in a church that he may not be too familiar with. Pray for good working relationships to develop between pastor and leaders. Pray too for the student ministry in the church that has been growing steadily over the past few years. Pray that Pastor William Kuong will continue the good work in this area.

Saturday, (Jan 5) – Pray for the World: As we begin the new year, pray that God will have mercy on our troubled world, wracked by wars, hunger, injustice and natural disasters. Pray especially for Christians living under pressure and persecution, that they may look to the new year with hope and joy despite their suffering. Pray that God will strengthen and comfort them in the midst of their trials.

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