Prayer Points: December 9, 2018

Sunday (Dec 9) – Youthquake is a quadrennial camp held every once in four years, organised by TRAC Board of Youth Work. Youthquake 2018 begins today until Thursday (December 9 -13, 2018). Pray for journey mercies for all the youths travelling to the venue, Port Dickson Methodist Centre. The objective of the camp is for God’s truth to influence every part of the lives of the youths, and bring about good change, hope and a future. This objective will be delivered through the plenary sessions, variety of workshops that addresses current issues and struggles, and also through team-building sessions. Pray for good health, mental strength and alertness for the youths so they will benefit spiritually from the camp.

Monday (Dec 10) – Just as God sent John the Baptist to prepare and clear the way for Jesus, pray that He will help us to clear the path in my hearts, too. Pray that He will show us the distractions in our lives that block us from all-out worship of Christ this Advent. Two thousand years ago a people waited expectantly as they listened to a prophet called John talk of one who was to come, the Promised One of God, and they began to prepare themselves for that moment. Pray that this Advent season, we may be filled with expectation, and to prepare ourselves spiritually to welcome into our hearts God’s greatest Gift to us, His Son Jesus Christ.

Tuesday (Dec 11) – Pray for the Nation: Today the state of Selangor celebrates the birthday of the Sultan of Selangor. Pray that God will bless the Sultan with good health. Pray also for all the Sultans in the nation that they will be good role models for their people. Pray that the Sultans will exemplify integrity, justice and righteousness in their lives. Pray that they will have the courage to speak up against issues that seek to destroy racial harmony and religious freedom in the nation. Pray that they will rule with wisdom and justice, and always show concern to the poorer strata of society in their respective states.

Wednesday (Dec 12) – Praise God for VBS that was held last week. Praise the Lord for His protection over all the children, youths and adults in the camp, and that He kept the rain away during the times of arrival in the mornings, and the times of dismissal in the evenings. Praise God for all the children who responded to the call for God to use their lives for His glory, to the call to renounce the things in their lives that hinder their relationship with Jesus, and to learn to hear the voice of God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in their lives to develop all the things they learnt in the camp. Pray that the non-church children who came for the camp will come for Sunday School in the year ahead.

Thursday (Dec 13) – Pray for the preparations for the Christmas Drama. Pray for good health and God’s protection upon all those involved, and also their loved ones. Pray for a spirit of unity and love as they begin to put together the whole drama, that the rehearsals will go smoothly. Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing upon all the actors, singers, dancers, musicians and sound & media personnel so that they will work in harmony with one another. Pray that the focus will always be to exalt Christ and glorify Him, that He will always be in the centre of all the rehearsals.

Friday (Dec 14) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the two new District Superintendents who will be overseeing new Districts in 2019. Pray for Rev Joshua Hong as he leads and supervises churches in the Southern District. Pray for journey mercies as he travels to the various churches there in January / February. Pray for wisdom to handle all situations. Pray also for Rev Andrew Lim as Central District 1 will be a new district for him. Pray for smooth transitioning as he takes charge of being Pastor-in-Charge of KL Wesley too. Pray that he will carry out his duties well with God’s guidance.

Saturday (Dec 15) – Pray for the World: Pray for the children of Christian parents in Tajikistan who are forbidden by law from going to church or taking part in any public Christian activities. Pray that the children will not fall away from Jesus. Pray that God will guide Christian parents and pastors as to how to build up the children in their faith. Pray that God will intervene and cause this law to be reversed so that the children will not be hindered from coming to Christ.

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