Prayer Points: February 10, 2019

Sunday, (Feb 10) – Pray that God will teach us to number our days, as we can so easily live our lives on earth as if it will go on forever. Pray that as we commit our time, talents, and treasure to Him, the Lord will teach us to make the most of the time we have, and that we will effectively utilize the lives we have been given to accomplish all of the purposes which He has set out for us. Pray that our lives will count for something in eternity – in the fact that we will serve Him diligently; in the consideration and honor we give to our family members, in the care and concern we show toward another brother or sister, and in the fact that we share Jesus with those who do not know Him.

Monday, (Feb 11) – As we seek to become disciples of Christ, pray that God will help us to live in a manner worthy of the calling He has given us. Pray that He will help us to be gentle and humble in all our interactions with one another, putting others first above ourselves. Pray that the Lord will help us pursue what makes for peace, for unity and for encouragement for our body of believers. Pray that we will pray more and criticize less. Pray that as we choose to grow in the area of discipleship, the indwelling Holy Spirit will give us discerning hearts to know His will and give us the courage and willingness to be obedient.

Tuesday, (Feb 12) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for those who are part of the legal system in our nation – the Attorney General, the Chief Justice, the President of the Court of Appeal, the Chief Judges of the High Courts, the judges and lawyers. Pray that they will be people of integrity who will uphold the Federal Constitution. Pray that God will grant them wisdom to bring justice upon our nation, especially in the arena of political corruption across all strata of governance. Pray for divine protection upon them and their families as they discharge their duties without fear or favour of man, and work towards righteousness and justice to be restored in the nation.

Wednesday, (Feb 13) – The Youth Camp 2019 will be held on March 27-30, 2019, and the deadline for registration is February 24, 2019. Pray for a good response from our youths, and that the youths from the Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Brigade will also come for the camp. Pray that the students from the El-Shaddai Refugee Learning Centre will also be able to come, as a number of them have shown interest in the camp although they will need subsidy for the camp fees. Pray for God’s provision for them, and other youths who also need to be subsidized. Pray that the Holy Spirit will start working in the lives of the youths, so that those who are believers in Christ will deepen their relationship with Him, and that the pre-believers will have personal encounters with Jesus.

Thursday, (Feb 14) – The worship teams, comprising all the worship leaders, co-worship leaders, musicians, sound and media personnel will be having its first meeting of the year on Saturday, February 16, 2019. Pray for a good response from the team members, and that as they talk, reflect and pray with one another, the Lord will draw them into a closer relationship with Him, and with each other. Pray that God will refresh, strengthen and bless each one of them as they continue to serve Him in their respective areas in the worship ministry in church.

Friday, (Feb 15) – Pray for TRAC: Rev Chang Choy Quin’s mother passed away on February 7, 2019. She was in critical condition in hospital for a few days prior to that. Pray that God’s comfort will be upon her and her family. Pray that God will be close to all the family members during this time of bereavement, and for His peace and strength to be with them in the days ahead.

Saturday, (Feb 16) – Pray for the World: The trauma and hardships endured by Christians in Syria during the recent war have made them hungry for spiritual food. Pray for all who minister to them – pastors, leaders of women’ groups, youth groups, and children’s work, that they will be channels of God’s healing, hope and peace for those who have endured so much.

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