Prayer Points: February 11, 2018

Sunday, (Feb 11) – Praise God that we no longer belong to this world, but we belong to Christ. Pray that He will help us not to fear the possibility, or even the reality, of the world’s hatred. Thank the Lord that at the very moment when the world was showing the depths of its hatred for Christ, He was showing the depths of His love for us. Pray that He will help us to show that same love, even in the face of any hatred we might encounter. Pray that God will be close to those believers around the world who are experiencing the world’s hatred – those who are suffering, who are imprisoned, who are persecuted, who are under the threat of death, that God will enable them to be steadfast in their faith, and that their hope is firmly anchored in the eternal love of Christ.

Monday, (Feb 12) – Pray for journey mercies for families who are travelling to their home towns to celebrate the Chinese New Year (CNY). Pray that they will have a blessed time of reunion with their family members, and for reconciliation and love to abound in situations where relationships have been strained. Pray that as Christians visit relatives and friends, God will open up opportunities for them to share about His love, and they will be bold to do so. Pray also that this will be a time to foster racial harmony in the nation as the different races celebrate CNY together.

Tuesday, (Feb 13) – Pray for the Ecumenical Solidarity Prayer Service for Pastor Raymond Koh that will be held in PJ Evangelical Free Church tonight. Pray for good weather and that as Christians from various different denominations come together in unity to seek the Lord, He will hear the prayers and Pastor Raymond Koh will be found. Pray also for his family, that God’s love and presence will envelope them, comfort and strengthen them, and they will continue to hope in God.

Wednesday, (Feb 14) – Today is Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent. Pray that we will draw near to God during these 40 days, stripping away all that distracts us, and finding time for reflection, prayer, worship and the study of God’s Word. As Jesus resisted temptation by the devil in the wilderness, pray that He will help us reflect on His faithfulness to God, His rejection of worldly values and for us to hold these thoughts in our hearts throughout Lent and beyond. Pray that Jesus will teach us about spiritual discipline in our relationship with Him. Pray that Lent will be a time of inward searching that will enable us be more aware, and more compassionate towards the needs of those around us.

Thursday, (Feb 15) – Pray for the World: Pray for Taiwan as the nation is recovering from an earthquake that struck the city of Hualien on February 6, 2018. At least 10 people have been killed and over 270 injured. Pray for God’s comfort upon the families of those who died, especially since it is the Chinese New Year season. Pray for healing for the injured. Pray that the victims will be able to rebuild their lives and their homes.

Friday, (Feb 16) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for all TRAC pastors of Chinese descent or have married Chinese spouses that they will have a truly blessed Chinese New Year (CNY) break. Pray that the reunion dinner on CNY eve will be truly celebratory times of joy. For those who have lost loved ones, pray that despite the loss, families will still treasure the times of togetherness and unity. Pray for journey mercies for those travelling. Pray that things will run smoothly in local churches, especially in churches where the pastors will be away due to the holidays.

Saturday, (Feb 17) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for God’s favour to be upon Malaysia. Pray that the forces of darkness and wickedness in the nation will be destroyed. Pray that prayer altars will established in every town and city in the nation, and for the Church to rise up in intercession for our land. As GE 14 approaches, pray that God will raise up candidates who will rebuild the nation – men and women of integrity and wisdom, who are not greedy for power and wealth, with a spirit of servanthood, and have a genuine concern for the welfare of the nation and the people, especially those in the lower income group.

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