Prayer Points: February 17, 2019

Sunday, (Feb 17) – Praise God for the freedom to worship Him publicly in our nation. Pray that we will not take this privilege for granted, but will make it a priority to join with others to worship the Lord every weekend, whether it be Saturday or Sunday. Pray that the Holy Spirit will enable us to enter into God’s presence with thanksgiving and worshipful hearts, that we will worship Him in spirit and in truth. Pray that our worship of God is not limited to the 2 hours in church during the weekends, but will overflow into a life style of worship where we honour Him with our daily lives in the way we obey His Word and love Him, and love and serve others.

Monday, (Feb 18) – Many people are falling sick recently, probably because of the weather. Pray for those who are not well that they will find consolation in the Lord’s healing presence. Pray that God will watch over them and grant them a speedy recovery. Pray that He will grant wisdom to the doctors involved to make good, sound decisions to bring about the best possible outcome and quickest possible recovery. Pray that God will rejuvenate the minds, bodies and souls of those who are sick, that they may have strength to function in all areas of their lives. Pray also for the care givers, for grace, strength and patience as they tend to the sick under their care.

Tuesday, (Feb 19) – Pray for the Nation: On February 13, 2019, the family of Pastor Raymond Koh and a group of persons (seeking justice for the still unsolved disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh and 3 other missing persons) gathered at Putrajaya. It also marked the second anniversary of Pastor Koh’s diabolical abduction from Kelana Jaya. A memorandum was submitted at the Prime Minister’s office to get a new and independent police investigation team to look into the disappearance of socio-religious persons. Pray that this memorandum will get the necessary action. Pray that if these persons are alive, they may be reunited with their families.

Wednesday, (Feb 20) – Pray for the Healing & Deliverance Seminar that will begin on Friday night (February 22, 2019) to Sunday (February 24, 2019). Pray for a good response from our church members. Pray for the speaker, Rev Aow Kwong Bu, that he will teach and minister under the anointing of the Holy Spirit as he equips and trains the participants to enjoy intimacy with God through the Ministering Spiritual Gifts Training, where Christians are activated to hear God’s voice, receive visions and flow in the prophetic gifts. Pray also for God’s power and wisdom upon Rev Aow as he delivers the Word during our weekend services. Pray for God’s protection and covering upon everyone in the seminar and worship services.

Thursday, (Feb 21) – Pray for the Church in Malaysia, for growing unity among the Christians, especially among the leaders of the various different denominations. Pray that they will look beyond denominations, beyond languages, beyond cultural differences, and seek Christ’s Kingdom mentality, with His interests at heart. Pray that the unity among the churches will be a testimony to the pre-believers, and they will know that God has sent Jesus into the world (John 17:23).

Friday, (Feb 22) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the recovery of Silas (Rev Paul & Mrs Gladys Christie’s eldest son) who met with a motorcycle accident in Penang during the CNY holidays. Thank God that Silas did not get any head injuries, and that his leg wound is healing slowly but surely. Pray also for protection on the family members of all pastors.

Saturday, (Feb 23) – Pray for the World: 20 Christian families (105 people) in a rural part of Laos were given 1 month to abandon their faith, leave the village or be put in prison. 5 families have given up their faith out of fear. Pray that the other 15 families will stand firm. As the national laws state that Christianity is a recognized religion, pray that as the church leaders try to get their case brought to the attention of the central government, the Christians in that area will be free to worship Christ

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