Prayer Points: February 3, 2019

Sunday, (Feb 3) – Pray for journey mercies for those who are travelling back to their respective home towns for the Chinese New Year. Pray for joyful reunions as families gather together for their reunion lunches / dinners tomorrow, and pray that family members, especially those who are living in different towns, will have meaningful times catching up each other. Pray that as our people go visiting relatives and friends, God will open up opportunities for them to share of the goodness of God. Pray also for journey mercies for those who will be travelling home after the festivities.

Monday, (Feb 4) – Ask God to strengthen our prayer lives and help us make prayer a part of our daily routine. Ask Him to teach us to pray like Jesus, who made it habit of spending time with the Father in prayer and did this to the point where this became an important part of His lifestyle. Pray that we will choose to prioritize prayer in our lives, and carve out distraction-free and uninterrupted time with God to keep our prayer life balanced and genuine. Pray that whether we are in a season of great success, or a season of great trial, just like the Lord Jesus Christ, we will commune with God in prayer, and rely on the power of God every day of our lives to walk in sync with Him.

Tuesday, (Feb 5) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for our Prime Minister and his cabinet who are involved in the negotiations of the ECRL project with China. Pray for wisdom and God’s favour upon them to make the right decision with the right contactor. Praise God for the nation’s leaders who are shouldering the welfare of the nation. Pray for wisdom and strength for them, and for protection upon them and their families. Pray that they will continue to serve our nation with integrity, justice and righteousness.

Wednesday, (Feb 6) – Pray for families in our church to be Christ-centred. Pray for husbands to love their wives as Christ loved His Church, and help them not to be harsh, but be considerate to their wives. Pray for wives to respect their husbands, and submit to them as to the Lord, as the Church submits to Christ. Pray that parents will train their children in the way they should live. Pray that fathers will not exasperate their children but bring them up to understand how God wants them to live. Pray that the Lord will give the children hearts to honour and obey their parents. Pray that God will protect all families: keep them strong and together; help them be givers and not takers; keep them united, and their bonds strong as the days pass.

Thursday, (Feb 7) – Pray that we will grow to be faithful disciples of Christ, and that we will never grow out of or lose sight of our need for discipleship. As we follow Jesus, pray that He will make us become fishers of men who make other fishermen. Pray that as Jesus increases in our lives, we will learn humility and holiness. Pray that the presence of Jesus will erode our awareness of self and replace it with a desire to be more like Christ, that we will become less self-centred, and be more other-centred. Pray that God’s unconditional love will be evident in our lives to our families, our brothers and sisters in Christ, our relatives and friends, and those who have yet to place their faith in Christ.

Friday, (Feb 8) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the Youth Ministry of Sungai-Way Subang Methodist Church (SSMC). This year, there is a total revamping whereby the youths are placed into groups according to similar interests (e.g. sports, music & song writing, movies & script writing, visual & photography, etc.). Pray that this revamping exercise will be effective in building up relationships with one another and with God. Pray for God’s wisdom and grace upon the leaders in the Youth Ministry, including Counsellors and committee members.

Saturday, (Feb 9) – Pray for the World: Christians in Vietnam had their ID cards confiscated, meaning they cannot send their children to school or access community resources. Pray for God to intervene so the children will not be denied of an education. Christian women in rural areas often are not educated and live amongst witchdoctors. Pray for their protection, for an education and for job opportunities

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