Prayer Points: January 14, 2018

Sunday, (Jan 14) – As Christ has called us to follow Him as His disciples, pray that we will respond wholeheartedly without counting the cost. Pray that God will help us to willingly deny ourselves and carry our cross daily with strength, with humility and with confidence. Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower us to deny our own desires and to seek after Christ’s commandments. Pray that we will be good followers in the way we think, talk and act, so we may bear witness to Christ. Pray that we will do these things for as many days as the Lord will give us in our lives to carry our cross and follow Him.

Monday, (Jan 15) – The Sunday School teachers had a meeting to plan programmes for 2018. Pray that God’s favour and blessing will be upon the programmes planned, and also the weekly lessons, that these lessons and events will enable the children to experience the love and reality of Jesus in their lives. Pray that more new children, especially those from pre-believing homes, and the unchurched children who attended VBS last year, will attend Sunday School. Praise God for the teachers, and pray that the Lord will bless them to be a blessing to the children.

Tuesday, (Jan 16) – Pray for the Youth Ministry as they embark on a one-to-one discipleship programme with the youths who were baptized and received into membership last year. Pray for good connection and bonding between the youths and their mentors. Pray that the mentors will be able to share their lives and role model to their mentees what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Pray for open hearts and minds on the part of the youths, so that as their respective mentors walk this spiritual journey with them, they will grow to be faithful disciples of Jesus.

Wednesday, (Jan 17) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that God will protect Malaysia against violent crimes and terrorist activities, that He will provide a safe environment for the rakyat, despite the political instability. Pray that no individual or agency will be able to create chaos of any kind during the forthcoming GE 14. Pray also for God’s intervention as the rainy weather continues to cause floods in several states, causing schools to be closed and people to be evacuated to flood relief centres.

Thursday, (Jan 18) – The installation of the LCEC for 2018, and the dedication of Cell Leaders for 2018 will be held this Sunday (January 21, 2018). Pray for God’s blessing and anointing upon these leaders as they serve the Lord and the Body of Christ. Pray that they will always keep their eyes on God, and will serve from a place of rest and abiding in Christ, not relying on their own strength. Pray that God will grant them wisdom, boldness, and love as they lead His people. Pray that the people will constantly intercede for the leaders and speak and pray blessings upon their lives.

Friday, (Jan 19) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Pastor Ashok as Central District 2 Superintendent. He has to chair 7 Local Conferences in the District, beginning January 16 to February 8, 2018. Pray for God’s wisdom to be upon him. Pray for journey mercies, and above all, that he will be God’s man in the right time and right place during this season. Pray also for the other District Superintendents in TRAC who have to chair Local Conferences during this season, especially for journey mercies as some of them will be travelling longer distances because the churches they serve tend to be further apart.

Saturday, (Jan 20) – Pray for the World: Pray for North Korean believers who continue to refuse to abandon their faith in Christ, even as they suffer tremendously in prison camps. Pray that God will continue to sustain them, and strengthen them with His presence. Pray that Kim Jong-Un will have opportunities to hear the Gospel and his heart will be open and ready to receive Jesus. If his heart is hardened, pray that God will use it for His glory.

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