Prayer Points: January 20, 2019

Sunday, (Jan 20) – As Christ invites us to follow Him, and become His disciples, pray that we will have a whole-life devotion to Him. Pray that God will remove apathy, complacency and indifference from our hearts. Pray that as we make the choice and commitment to be faithful disciples, the Holy Spirit will empower us to respond to the call of Jesus – to deny ourselves, to take up our crosses, and to follow Him in the way we think, talk and act so that our lives may bear witness to Christ. Pray that our faith in Christ will increase, our hunger for His Word intensify, and our church be strengthened as we learn to love one another as He has loves us.

Monday, (Jan 21) – Pray for the Cell Group Ministry in our church. Pray for meaningful relationships in the Cell Groups, for a spirit of grace and forgiveness among group members, that God will protect the groups from grumbling and complaining spirits. Pray that God will create environments of encouragement, and for appropriate levels of intimacy, accountability, and confidentiality among the group members. Pray that God will reveal the group members’ spiritual gifts and create opportunities for those gifts to be used to honor Him and serve the groups. Pray for God’s protection upon the Cell Leaders, and that He will use them and equip them as they lead their respective Cell Groups.

Tuesday, (Jan 22) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for wisdom for the Ministry of Education in our nation to implement good education policies, improve the present education system, and ensure that there be no religious and political agenda in our education policies. Pray that the Ministry of Education will continue to seek for effective means to improve the quality of teaching and teacher training throughout Malaysia. Pray that the education system will move towards one that will include character building in the lives of the students, and teaching them to think creatively and constructively

Wednesday, (Jan 23) – Pray for the Community Services Community. Pray that the Lord will impart upon our church members a heart of service, and that more people will be willing to spend time for community work. Pray especially for the Hot Kitchen Ministry, that more people will volunteer their time and services to help prepare food and distribute the food packets to the needy. Praise God for the Digital Literacy and Sit Down Exercise programmes for the senior adults. Pray that these programmes will be a blessing for the seniors, and will also serve as a means of outreach to pre-believers.

Thursday, (Jan 24) – Pray for the young adults in our church. Pray that they will seek the heart of God in all the choices that will define their lives. Pray that they will love the God’s Word, and will put their trust in the Scriptures as a source of authority. In a time of uncertainty for finding jobs, pray that the Lord will open doors of opportunities for our young adults to find good jobs. Pray that they will have good relationships with other believers and honest relationships with nonbelievers. Pray that they can be an influence in their nonbelieving friends’ lives, and to have a heart for seeing them hear and respond to the Gospel. Pray that God will stir within the young adults a godly purpose that they can be passionate about, and a desire to reflect the goodness of Christ through that purpose.

Friday, (Jan 25) – Pray for TRAC: DUMC plans to begin an outreach ministry based in Puchong after the Chinese New Year. The primary target will be Myanmarese and Chinese speaking people. A team of leaders from both language groups are excited about the prospects of ministry outside the main DUMC Dream Centre. Pray that arrangements will run smoothly. Pray for unity among the leaders who have availed themselves for ministry at Puchong. Pray that good connections will be made with the pre-believers and that the salt and light witness bearing element will be radiated to the community in Puchong.

Saturday, (Jan 26) – Pray for the World: In Brunei, new Christians from a Muslim background face constant pressure to convert back to Islam. Pray that God will protect them, and the Holy Spirit will grant them strength and wisdom to stay strong in Christ.

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