Prayer Points: January 27, 2019

Sunday, (Jan 27) – Pray that as we begin each day, God will remind us to place our full dependence on Him, and through Him we are blessed. Pray that He will grant us grace to accept our limitations and for faith to trust Him more. Pray for forgiveness for all the times in our lives where we have forced our own plans and will, and pray that the Lord will change us to be people who lay everything at His feet. Pray that we will acknowledge our total dependence on Him in all areas of our lives, and relinquish all our rights of ownership to Him because Christ has purchased us with a great price.

Monday, (Jan 28) – Pray for the Nation: Praise God for the election of the new Sultan of Pahang to be the new Yang di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia. Pray for God’s wisdom upon him as he takes up the office of King in our nation. Pray that he will act wisely in accordance with his status, that he will show his neutrality in politics, and be a good example to the rakyat. Pray that he will always uphold the Constitution, work well with the government, and promote racial harmony and religious freedom in the country.

Tuesday, (Jan 29) – Pray for the First Local Conference of 2019 for Klang Wesley that will be held tomorrow. Pray for journey mercies and wisdom for TRAC President who will be chairing the meeting. Pray that all members of the Local Conference will be able to attend the meeting. Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide all the proceedings, and for a spirit of love and unity to prevail throughout the meeting. Pray that all the plans and programmes for this year will be in accordance with God’s sovereign will, and will be blessed by Him as our church seeks to honor and glorify Him.

Wednesday, (Jan 30) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the Central District 2 Conference tomorrow. Pray for a good representation from the 8 district churches. Pray for a spirit of unity among the delegates. Pray as TRAC President shares the devotion and TRAC matters upon his heart that the delegates will listen, and most importantly, the pastors / leaders will be able to follow through with some concrete action in 2019. Pray for the District Superintendent, Rev Ashok Amarasingham, as he chairs the meeting. Pray also for Dr Tai Kim Teng and Mrs Trish Tan as they seek the LPL, and for wisdom for the District Conference as they vote on whether or not to approve them.

Thursday, (Jan 31) – Pray that in this year, all of us in Klang Wesley will desire to have an intimate relationship with God, and to make drawing closer to Him our top priority. Pray that we will make whatever changes we need to make in our lives to seek Him daily in His Word and in prayer, and regularly confess and repent of sin that blocks our intimacy with God. Pray that we will deliberately build our lives around our relationship with God. Pray that daily, we will see the many blessings the Lord bestows on us, especially the very small ones that we sometimes take for granted, so that we will know how much He loves us, and respond to Him by drawing closer to Him.

Friday, (Feb 1) – This year, the El-Shaddai Refugee Learning Centre (ERLC), has 565 students in 19 classes. Pray that the teachers will be able to cope with the big numbers in the classes. Pray for additional support in cash and kind as the school faces rising costs. Pray also for 3 smaller centres with around 150 children, that have been started in other areas to cater to the increasing number of young children needing education. The secondary school has about 70 students. Pray that God will continue to bless the work of ERLC, and that the seeds of the Gospel will be planted in the hearts of pre-believing students and teachers.

Saturday, (Feb 2) – Pray for the World: Pray for those who suffered in the terrible earthquake and tsunami which struck Sulawesi, Indonesia in September last year. After these disasters, the soil in many places liquefied, and buildings sank into the ground. Pray that the Christian minority in Sulawesi will be a blessing to the whole community as the long process of recovery continues, and they will continue to rejoice in the Lord in spite of their circumstances, and trust Him for His providence.

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