Prayer Points: January 28, 2018

Sunday, (Jan 28) – Pray that we will repent of the many times when we have put our own priorities ahead of God’s priorities for our lives. Pray that He will help us change any priorities that are not in line with His, that we will be willing to offer Christ ourselves with no excuses. Pray that He will cause our actions, plans, vocations, leisure-time, and life goals to be under His Lordship. Pray that the Lord will get us excited about the challenges of a life of discipleship. Pray that He will empower us to follow in His steps as we keep our eyes fixed on Him. Pray that when we are tempted to be lukewarm for Jesus and His ways, the Holy Spirit will enflame our lives for more and more of Him.

Monday, (Jan 29) – Pray that the Church in Malaysia will rise up in intercession for the nation as Malaysia faces many challenges and problems. Pray that God will stir and touch many of the hearts of His people to stand as watchmen for our land. Pray that God will raise up intercessors in every city and town to stand in the gap. Pray that pastors and church leaders will take up the task of mobilizing 24/7 intercession in their respective churches, making intercession a lifestyle in their churches.

Tuesday, (Jan 30) – Pray for the Pakistani and Telegu ministries in our church. Pray for God’s protection upon them as they meet for their respective worship services on Sunday. Pray for the Lord’s anointing, wisdom and guidance upon their leaders so that the Pakistani and Telegu people will be discipled and grow in their faith. Pray that more of their people will come for the worship services and be integrated into their respective fellowships.

Wednesday, (Jan 31) – Pray for the Nation: As GE 14 approaches, pray that suitable men and women will be nominated as candidates. Pray that the candidates will be people of competence and integrity, who truly have a desire and vision to serve the rakyat and the nation, and are not self-serving with personal agendas for personal gain. Pray for maturity in campaigning, that political parties will not resort to dirty tactics, but focus on policies that will promote growth in the nation. Pray that GE 14 will be peaceful and will be clean and fair, thereby reflecting true democracy in the country.

Thursday, (Feb 1) – Pray for the Worship Ministry in church. All the worship leaders, co-worship leaders, musicians and sound & media personnel will be having the first Worship Team Gathering for the year on Saturday, February 3, 2018, for a time of sharing, reflection and evaluation. Pray that this will be a blessed time and everyone will desire to adopt the church theme to abide in Christ so they will serve from a place of resting in Him. Praise God for the faithful service of the worship teams, and pray that the Lord will continue to lead and guide them as they lead the church in worship.

Friday, (Feb 2) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Subang Methodist Church (SMC), and Life Methodist Church, Puchong in Central District 2. At their recent Local Conferences, both churches indicated that they are ready to look out to buy a permanent place and thus move to a new location. Pray that God will lead them to a good location and the price for the place will be suitable and fair to purchase. They have experienced at least one failed bid in 2017. Pray for Pastor Robert Khaw (SMC) and Pastor Chang Choy Quin (LMCP), that they will work closely with their respective church leaders for the growth of their local churches that currently have an average attendance below 100 persons in each church.

Saturday, (Feb 3) – Pray for the World: School shootings seem to be happening regularly in USA, the latest being a shooting in Kentucky on January 23, 2018, where two 15-year-old students were killed and 18 more people were injured. Pray for wisdom for the US government regarding the gun laws in the country. Pray also that the people will recognize the root of the problem – a turning away from God and His Word, and that many will return to the Lord.

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