Prayer Points: January 6, 2019

Sunday, (Jan 6) – Pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to respond wholeheartedly to follow Christ as His disciples without counting the cost. Pray that God will empower us to respond to the call of Jesus to deny ourselves and turn away from our own selfish interests, to take up our crosses and follow Him faithfully each day, even if the path is difficult to see, or is heading in a direction we would never have chosen for ourselves. Pray that God will grant us the strength and wisdom to follow in Christ’s footsteps, and to shape and mold us each and everyday to be more like Christ.

Monday, (Jan 7) – The Super Senior Cell Group will have their first meeting of the year tomorrow. Pray that many of the seniors in our church will be able to come for this meeting. Pray that God will minister to them, and draw each one of them into a closer relationship with Him. Pray that God will continue to grant them vigour, strength and health everyday. Pray that He will bless their days with beautiful memories, much love and few worries. Pray that the Lord will protect their homes and provide for their daily needs.

Tuesday, (Jan 8) – As the Baptism & Membership Classes for both the adults and the youths begin again after the hectic year end period of 2018, pray for all those who are attending the classes that they will be focused on what they are learning, and for the Holy Spirit to continue to work in their hearts and spirits so they will understand what it means to follow Christ. Pray that as they consider to take the step of baptism, God will help them to approach this act of dedication with clear minds and full hearts, and will lead them onward to grow in their relationship with Christ and in the things of God.

Wednesday, (Jan 9) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for God’s blessings upon the nation as we begin 2019. Pray that Malaysia will be a corrupt free nation. Pray that the finances that has been stolen will be restored to the nation. Pray for a righteous, fair and just government. Pray for the fear of the Lord upon our national leaders, for that is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. Pray for unity among the Pakatan Harapan coalition in fulfilling Go’s vision and purpose for our nation. Pray for peace and harmony to permeate among all the races and religious groups in the nation.

Thursday, (Jan 10) – Pray for the Methodist Women New Year Get Together Lunch 2019 that will be held on Sunday, January 13, 2019. Pray for good support from the ladies in our church, as well as the men. Pray that our church members will also invite their non-church relatives and friends for this function and that our people will reach out to connect with them. Pray that the programme planned will run smoothly. Pray that everyone will have an enjoyable time.

Friday, (Jan 11) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Pastor Ashok as he will begin his rounds of presiding over the Frist Local Conferences in Central District 2 from January 16, 2019 as the District Superintendent. He has to cover 8 churches in a space of slightly more than a fortnight (CD2 District Conference is on January 31, 2019). Pray for journey mercies as he travels to the Local Conference meetings. Pray for a clear mind on him as he presides over the important meetings. Pray that a spirit of unity will pervade at the District level. Above all, pray that the name of Christ will be glorified in all things.

Saturday, (Jan 12) – Pray for the World: Pray for Christians in western countries where the secular humanist agenda is making rapid strides and Christians seeking to live a godly life in Christ are increasingly facing discrimination and harassment. Pray that they will continue to show love and forgiveness towards those who are making life difficult for them, thus demonstrating the Gospel in attitude, words and action. Pray that they will watch, pray and act with wisdom and courage.

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