Prayer Points: July 1, 2018

Sunday, (July 1) – Pray that God will search our hearts, and if there is any cherished sin lurking within, that He will root it out of our hearts. Pray that He will purify our hearts, cleanse our inner thoughts and examine the very motives behind our actions and attitudes. Pray that the Lord will help us look away from the idols of the culture of this world and prevent us from being squeezed into the world’s mold. Pray that we will desire to pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace. Pray that God will continue to root out of us all that is counter to what He desires from us, and that He will increasingly transform us into the image and likeness of Christ.

Monday, (July 2) – XEE Semester 17 will begin on July 15, 2018. Pray that God will put a missional heart into our lives so we will see the need to actively share our faith with people who do not know Christ as Saviour and Lord. Pray that people will sign up for XEE Semester 17 so they can learn how to confidently and effectively share the Gospel with others. Pray that those who went through the course some time back will also sign up to be trained again. Pray also that people will avail themselves to be trainers and prayer partners during this semester.

Tuesday, (July 3) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for the new Cabinet Ministers of Malaysia. By now, the agreed upon list of Cabinet Ministers should be known. Pray that the new Cabinet will work together as one unit under the leadership of the Prime Minister. Pray for God’s strength and wisdom to be upon each one of them. Pray that plans to be done in the future under each ministry will be workable at ground level and the end result is that all Malaysians will benefit from these plans. Pray that more Malaysians living overseas will decide to return home in the future to build up the nation.

Wednesday, (July 4) – The LCEC & Cell Leaders’ Retreat will be held in Frasers’ Hill from Friday, July 6, 2018 to Sunday, July 8, 2018. Praise God for all those who will be going for the retreat. Pray for journey mercies and God’s protection upon everyone. Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing upon all those who will be facilitating the various sessions. Pray for a spirit of love and unity to prevail, and for hearts that will be sensitive to the presence and voice of the Lord. Pray for good bonding and fellowship among all the leaders, and that as they abide in the Lord, they will be rested and refreshed. Pray for God’s protection upon all the families of the leaders, and for the church during these few days.

Thursday, (July 5) – Pray for God’s protection and provision for homes and families throughout our nation and for the sanctity of family life, which is being gradually eroded away. Pray that He will bless all the Christian families that are seeking to live godly lives in Christ. Pray that God will provide for their needs, protect them from all harm and danger, and enfold them in His grace. Pray that the Lord will strengthen Christian families by drawing them into closer communion with Him as husbands and fathers take up their rightful place as the God-ordained head of their household, as wives submit to their husbands, as children learn to respect and obey their parents, and as Christ is loved and honoured.

Friday, (July 6) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the Institute for Christian Ministry (ICM) as it celebrates its 10th anniversary on July 8, 2018. ICM is the equipping arm of TRAC with full-time workers to run the ministry. It has primarily focused on offering retreats and programmes in spiritual formation as well as in areas of leadership and ministry development. Praise God for faithful people in ICM like the Chairman, Ms Goh Kim Guat, and the Director, Ms Ng Wai Ling. Pray for God’s favour upon them. Pray that the anniversary celebrations will be meaningful and it will spur greater things ahead for ICM.

Saturday, (July 7) – Pray for the World: Christians in Niger constantly face pressure to convert to another religion. Pray that God will strengthen the Christians to withstand the pressure and remain faithful. Praise God for the church’s faithfulness in sharing the Gospel despite persecution. Pray that it will bear much fruit. Pray also for the Lord’s continued provision for the needs of His people.

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