Prayer Points: July 14, 2019

Sunday, (July 14) –As we recognize that God has blessed us with all that we have, pray that we will serve Him with devotion, and honour Him with everything we have. As His stewards, pray that we will willingly sacrifice when necessary, and share from our means rather than from our excesses. Pray that we will learn to be generous with our time, talents and treasure, giving in proportion to the gifts we have been given. Pray that we will give with the same attitude that David had in 2 Samuel 24:24: “…nor will I offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God with that which costs me nothing.”

Monday, (Jul 15) – Pray for TRAC: The Board of Ministry Retreat (including President and the District Superintendents) will begin tomorrow to Thursday (July 16 – July 18, 2019). It is an important time when TRAC President spends time with the Board members to pray together, and discuss matters pertaining to the Annual Conference and the local churches. Pray for God’s presence to be among them in the retreat. Pray for the strengthening of bonds of unity. Pray that the plans set forth will be carried out in the future. Pray also for God’s protection and safety for the families of the Board members and journey mercies for all those who came for the retreat.

Tuesday, (Jul 16) – Pray that the principals all Christian Mission Schools in the nation will encourage the sustaining of Christian traditions in the schools, especially in the support of the Christian Fellowships in the schools. Pray that all the Boards of Governors (comprising representatives from the Parent-Teacher Association, the alumni, and representatives from the Methodist Church) in the Methodist schools will meet regularly, be involved in a meaningful way in the schools, and pray regularly for the schools. Pray that all the Boards of Governors will work well together with the principals for the good of the schools and the welfare of the students.

Wednesday, (Jul 17) – Pray for all Christian parents to bring up their children in the ways of the Lord. Pray that they will always be the primary teacher of God’s truth to their children, to teach them regularly from God’s Word, and give priority to have regular family altars in the home. Pray that parents will guard their relationship with the Lord, and always come under His authority, so that they can massage God’s truth in their children’s lives through role modelling and talking, making spiritual matters relevant, interesting, practical and applicable.

Thursday, (Jul 18) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that the democratic processes and institutions will mature and, if necessary, be revitalised in our country, especially the Parliament, State Assemblies, the Judiciary and the Civil Service. Pray that Malaysia, by God’s grace, will develop into an advanced economy and a stable and harmonious democracy, in which all citizens are equal, with fundamental liberties protected by the Constitution and a legal framework which protect the weakest and the least. This will make Malaysia a model nation for others.

Friday, (Jul 19)  – Pray all the churches in Malaysia, that church leaders, both pastoral and lay, will grow in depth and maturity as true shepherds of Christ. Pray that they will have a real hunger for God’s Word, a firm commitment to God’s truth and to live by it, a deep passion for prayer and intercession, and the courage to teach the same to their flocks. Pray that the present generation of leaders will strive to lay strong foundations for churches and Christian organizations in our country, to model godly and humble servanthood, and to manage succession plans well, as they gradually hand over the baton of leadership to younger people.

Saturday, (Jul 20) – Pray for the World: President Widodo of Indonesia is sympathetic towards the Christian minority, but the vice-president is strongly Islamist, and the whole country seems to be moving towards a more Islamic position. Pray for the Church in Indonesia, which has experienced considerable Islamist violence in recent years. Pray that the Christians will stand their ground and keep their faith as the pressure on them grows.

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