Prayer Points: July 15, 2018

Sunday, (July 15) – Pray that God will help us to stay alert in a dark world that tempts the Church to compromise on the truth of God as revealed in His Word. Pray that God will give us wisdom and discernment to recognize the schemes of the enemy in our lives and to stand strong against his work. Pray that Christians will not be deluded into accepting false but fashionable religious beliefs, because they did not know God’s truth, or were willing to compromise the His truth they once knew. Pray that God’s people will aim to live lives worthy of their calling, and that He will help them be ever watchful and prayerful so as to avoid sin and deception. Pray that the Lord will rescue His people from lies of the world, the flesh and the devil and reorient their lives around the truth of His Word.

Monday, (July 16) – Pray for Wesley Methodist School Klang, that the students will have a healthy interest in studying, pay attention in class, and have wisdom in managing their time and not be overly enticed by the social media. Pray for the teachers to have the boldness to face challenges posed by the students and be motivated to give their best as they teach them. As character building is an integral part of the school curriculum, pray that the students will benefit from this and grow strong in their character. Pray that God will bless the school with good results, and for the enrolment of students to increase in the coming year.

Tuesday, (July 17) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for the Christian ministers in the Cabinet. Pray that they will be good examples of being followers of Christ in high positions. Pray that they will seek God’s guidance in all matters and they will be influencers to the people they serve, and also in the Cabinet. Pray that Malaysia will progress in times ahead by the good leadership of the Prime Minister and all the Cabinet ministers.

Wednesday, (July 18) – Pray for the following meeting / training programme in church this week:
1. Cell Leaders Meeting on Friday, July 20, 2018, that many of the Cell Leaders will be able to come for the meeting to learn how to facilitate seeking for the lost in the cell groups. Pray for God’s wisdom on Brother Jesse Teh as he facilitates the meeting that all the Cell Leaders / Representatives will understand what is being taught.
2. XEE Semester 17 on Sunday, July 22, 2018. Praise God for all those who are attending this training programme. Pray for the Lord’s strength and sustaining power upon them, that they will be alert. Pray that the participants will be able to attend all the sessions, and they will be able to share the Gospel with conviction.

Thursday, (July 19) – Praise God for our Community Services’ Blood Donation Campaign that was successfully carried out, and for the ongoing Hot Kitchen Ministry to distribute food to the poor every Saturday. Praise God for all the people who faithfully come to cook on Saturdays. Pray for other programmes planned – Connecting Senior Citizens to WWW, Empowering Children Through Education & Technology, and a Walkathon to Raise Funds – that our members will come forward to partner with the Community Services Committee to implement these programmes to bless others.

Friday, (July 20) – Pray for TRAC: The Methodist Church will be launching two new private schools, namely Wesley Methodist International School in Penang and Wesley School in Bandar Seri Coalfield (Sungai Buloh). Pray that God’s light will shine to the communities in those vicinities through these two new schools. Pray that the lives of the students and staff of all the private Methodist Schools will be touched by the grace of God, especially those who have not yet responded to the Gospel of Christ.

Saturday, (July 21) – Pray for the World: In the Democratic Republic of the Congo there are areas full of conflict because of Islamic extremists. Pray for peace to return. Pray for wisdom for pastors ministering to those suffering from trauma. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide for the physical needs of the people in this land.

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