Prayer Points: July 28, 2019

Sunday, (Jul 28) – Praise God for Jesus Christ, that by His death on the cross, He has taken away all our sins, once and for all, and we have been made righteous in Christ forever. Pray that the light of the cross will shine so brightly in our hearts that we will not, for a moment, mistake our good deeds for His supreme sacrifice. Praise God that sin has been atoned and abolished, and evil has been defeated and one day will be eradicated. Pray that the joy of this good news will cause us to bow our knees in humble adoration, and empower our mouths to share the Good News to those who have yet to hear it.

Monday, (Jul 29) – Pray for the ministry of the Methodist Women in our church, for the election of the committee this year, that people will be willing to serve in the ministry. Pray that the women will take time to be involved in prayer, and to walk closer to the Lord. Pray that they will intentionally reach out to pre-Christian relatives and friends. Pray also that God will inspire the committee to have new ideas to bless the church, and to impact the community.

Tuesday, (Jul 30) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for the water situation in Selangor, that there will be no more unscheduled water cuts. Pray for God’s wisdom upon the police, that they will get to the bottom of the mystery as to how diesel could have spilled into Sungai Selangor and caused contamination and disruption of the water. Pray that the Federal Government, the state government and the private sector will work together to prevent a water crisis in future. Pray also for the rakyat to not take our abundant water supply for granted, and ensure there is no wastage of water in our homes and communities.

Wednesday, (Jul 31) – Pray for Wesley Methodist School Klang, that the teachers will have the wisdom to handle the students, and also to love them. Pray also for God’s guidance upon the teachers to be effective in their teaching. Pray for the students to have a sense of purpose in life, to have a healthy interest in their studies, and be diligent students. As some of the students come from challenging backgrounds, pray that through the Christian influence in the school, they will be touched by God’s love. Since there are 48 Form 5 school leavers this year, pray that God will bless the school with a good enrolment of at least 50 new students next year.

Thursday, (Aug 1) –.Pray for the World: Children in Yemen do not have access to children’s Bibles or study materials. Pray that parents will be able to share Bible stories, and spiritual truths with their children. Without religious freedom in Yemen, parents must teach their children to be careful when talking about God. Pray for discernment, wisdom and courage. Pray that the children will grow to be strong disciples of Christ.

Friday, (Aug 2) – Pray for TRAC: At the recent District Superintendents’ meeting, the DS of Central District 1, Rev Andrew Lim, reported that most of the District churches (representing Wilayah Persekutuan) have recorded a decrease in average attendance over the past two years due to various factors. Pray for pastors and leaders of these churches to prayerfully work out strategies to boost the attendance with the giftings that God has blessed each local church with. Pray that children and youth ministries will see a greater attendance in the future. Pray that discipleship will take place effectively in these churches that are located in Ampang, Cheras, Sentul, Kepong, Sungai Buloh, Damansara Heights, Kota Damansara and KL City Centre.

Saturday, (Aug 3) – Pray for the Orang Asli (OA) Children EduCamp that will be held from August 10-12, 2019. Pray for the 5 children coming for the camp to have a positive attitude, and a desire to improve in their studies. Pray that they will pay attention during the lessons, and that God will grant them understanding in what they are learning. Pray for teachers to volunteer to teach English and Mathematics, and for people to sponsor their meals. Pray also for God’s hand of protection upon them as they will be staying in our church premises.

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