Prayer Points: July 7, 2019

Sunday, (July 7) – The 35 youths and facilitators who went for the Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend will be returning home today. Pray for journey mercies as they travel back to Klang. Pray that the time away has been beneficial for the youths spiritually. Pray that old habits that derail them from their walk with God will be broken, and new, healthy patterns of Christian living under the power of the Holy Spirit will be established. Pray that they will be able to maintain those new patterns of living when they are back home and the usual routine begins again, so they will learn to find God in the daily grind of life.

Monday, (Jul 8) – Pray that God will help us to trust in Him when we are criticized and maligned for our faith, when we encounter ridicule and rejection on account of refusing to follow the ways of the world, and when we face opposition and harassment due to our religious convictions. Pray that we will stand firm in Christ, and not respond to opposition with fear and anger, but with grace and truth. Pray that as we look to Jesus, who endured the greatest opposition for our sake by taking our place on the cross, we will be motivated and encouraged to love our enemies, bless those who curse us, do good to those who reject us, and pray for those who oppose us, so that Christ’s character will be formed in us.

Tuesday, (Jul 9)– Pray for the Nation: Pray for Pastor Raymond Koh, Joshua & Ruth Hilmy, and Amre Che Mat, that God will bring them comfort and peace wherever they are. Pray that the PH government will act on these cases of disappearance with urgency, that there will be no more delay of justice, and that the attorney-general will be tasked with the investigation and gathering of evidence with a view of prosecuting the guilty. Pray for the families of these missing persons, for God’s comfort, peace and protection upon them, and they will not lose hope as they wait for news of their loved ones.

Wednesday, (Jul 10) – Praise God for all the Sunday School teachers, for their dedication to the children’s ministry in our church. Pray that the teachers will recognise the vital role they play in the spiritual development of the children in their charge. Pray that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit, and have a deep desire and ability to guide the children into a thorough knowledge of God’s Word and the plan of salvation. Pray that the parents will also take responsibility for the spiritual development of their children, and will reinforce the lessons their kids learn in Sunday School. Pray that God will bring more children to the Sunday School, especially those from pre-believing homes.

Thursday, (Jul 11) – Praise God for a good Thanksgiving Celebration for the ElShaddai Refugee Learning Centre on June 25, 2019. Pray for more supporters to come alongside the centre. Pray for more visitation teams to go to the students’ home to meet and talk with the parents, and share God’s love with them. Pray for the new centre in Pandamaran which started on July 1, 2019 with 14 students. Pray that the teachers will be passionate in educating and transforming young lives. Pray also for the teachers attending a counseling training course on Trauma, that it will help them understand and help the students under their care.

Friday, (Jul 12) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Wesley Methodist Church Kuala Lipis. The pastor, Rev Bernard Lazar, together with Dr & Mrs Richard Chan, have been the pillars in the church, and God has blessed the work there. In April, the church held a Family Camp, with the financial sponsorship of 2 other TRAC churches.. Many trainee teachers from the Teachers’ Training College there attended the camp and were blessed. Pray that the church will continue to strengthen the lives of these trainee teachers so that they will be spiritually equipped when they graduate and leave Kuala Lipis. Pray for salvation on those trainee teachers who are still pre-believers.

Saturday, (Jul 13) – Pray for the World: The Prime Minister in Egypt has told the committee overseeing the process of legalizing church buildings that they must work faster. Pray that the committee will speed up its work, so that Egyptian Christians gathering for worship will not be breaking the law. Pray also that God will strengthen His Church in Egypt.

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