Prayer Points: July 8, 2018

Sunday, (July 8) – Pray that we will recognize that only as the Holy Spirit manifests the life of Jesus Christ in us will we be able to escape the works of the flesh. Pray that we will have a desire to walk in the Spirit every day. Pray that the Holy Spirit will produce His fruit within our whole being and shed abroad in our hearts great love for the Lord, and for others. Pray that we will repent of the ways we have quenched the Spirit and grieved Him by the way we have lived our lives. Pray that as we choose to daily surrender to the Holy Spirit, we will have victory over the enemy, the flesh and the world as we allow Him to take control of us.

Monday, (July 9) – Praise God for the Leaders’ Retreat that was held recently. Pray that the LCEC and Cell Leaders will always abide in Christ and learn the way of leading and ministering from a place of rest in Jesus. Pray that the Lord will give them the strength to be fruitful branches, recognizing that He alone is their sufficiency. Pray that God will enable our leaders to abide in His love so that they may produce much fruit out of the abundance of His grace. Pray that God will continue to bless all the ministries in our church, so that lives will be impacted, and the community blessed to the end that God’s name will be glorified and honoured.

Tuesday, (July 10) – Pray for the Nation: The full Cabinet of Malaysia was recently announced. Pray for every cabinet minister. Pray that they will serve the country well, with the needs of Malaysian citizens central. Pray that they will walk the talk and not succumb to bribery and corruption. Pray that they will have a good relationship with the Prime Minister. Pray for those who are young in age that they will humbly acquire wisdom and experience in the times ahead. Pray that the ministers will always focus on the larger picture of rebuilding the nation and will work together in unity towards this end.

Wednesday, (July 11) – The Boys’ Brigade (BB) Enrolment Service will be held this Saturday, July 14, 2018. Pray that the hearts and spirits of the boys and their family members who will be coming will be open to the touch of God, and they will be blessed by the entire worship service. Pray that God will especially use the message to minister to the felt needs of the boys and their families. Pray also for the BB ministry in our church. Praise God for all the officers who are serving faithfully and pray that their ministry will bear fruit in the lives of the boys, so that at God’s perfect timing the boys who have yet to know Christ will one day give their lives and hearts to the Lord.

Thursday, (July 12) – XEE Semester 17 will begin this Sunday, July 15, 2018. Praise God for all those who have signed up for the semester. Pray that they will have a passion to learn how to share the Gospel, and that the Lord will grant them understanding as they go through the various sessions. Pray for the trainers to be able to relate well with the participants and guide them through the sessions. Pray for God’s guidance upon the facilitators as they share with the participants. Pray that the prayer partners will be diligent in praying for the participants. As the semester will be held after the Worship Service, pray that the Lord will grant strength to everyone to be alert and focused.

Friday, (July 13) – Pray for TRAC: The TRAC Institute of Christian Ministries (ICM) will be having a retreat specially for administrative support staff of TRAC churches. Pray that all who attend this retreat will draw close to God and feel His presence refreshing them. Pray that this retreat will provide an avenue for administrative staff to share their burdens with each other for the purpose of mutual support and edification.

Saturday, (July 14) – Pray for the World: Around 130 Sudanese converts to Christianity, mostly women and children were thrown out by their husbands / fathers. They had to sleep in the open, despite cold and heavy rain, which led to disease among the children. Pray that their faith will not falter at this time of trial. Pray too that their husbands will become Christians.

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