Prayer Points: June 10, 2018

Sunday, (June 10) – Pray that our hearts will learn how to rightfully fear God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to see that God is not merely a Redeemer but also a Judge; not merely a God of love, but also of holiness. Pray that He will help us to fear sin, not just because of its consequences, but also because it grieves His heart. Praise God that He is a Father who loves His children, and even as we receive His love, pray that we will have hearts that fear Him – giving Him reverence, avoiding at all costs doing anything that will cause Him pain, and enjoying His love, provision, and protection every day of our lives.

Monday, (June 11) – Pray for senior citizens that they will be honoured, loved and appreciated, and their families will be grateful for the heritage that has been passed down to them. Pray that seniors will be included and have a significant role in the life of the home and larger community. Pray for family members to help care and provide for the material needs of the seniors, and for willingness to serve and minister to the emotional needs of the seniors. Pray for seniors to have opportunities to play a greater role in mentoring the young in their personal and home life. Pray that by God’s grace, they will continue to enjoy good health in their twilight years.

Tuesday, (June 12) – Pray for the Nation: Praise God for the appointment of the new Attorney General. Pray for God’s hand of strength, wisdom, anointing and divine favour upon him as he discharges his duties. Pray that he will always have a holy fear of God and will always act without fear or favour. Pray that he will act justly, love mercy and always walk humbly with God. Pray that he will help to raise up a higher level of governance in our nation, bringing back integrity and confidence to the judiciary.

Wednesday, (June 13) – The Youth Camp 2018 will be held from June 15 -18, 2018. Praise God that about 70 youths will be going for the camp. Pray for good weather, journey mercies, and God’s protection and safety for everyone. Pray for God’s anointing and wisdom upon the Camp Speaker and the worship teams. Pray that the hearts of all the youths will be open to the work of the Holy Spirit, and they will be blessed spiritually as they experience fresh encounters with the Lord. Pray for the pre-believing youths, for courage to take the step of faith to entrust their lives to Jesus. Pray especially for the youths from El-Shaddai Refugee Learning Centre to experience the reality of God’s love. Pray that they will connect well with our youths, and for everyone to have a good time at the camp.

Thursday, (June 14) – Pray for the Orang Asli (OA) pastors: for Pastor Reso & Pastor Norraini as they minister in Kg Kechau & Kg Lalang. Pray that the initiatives that they have taken will be fruitful: weekly cell meetings & family / home visitations, youth fellowship, picnics, gotong royong events and social gatherings. Pray that the house they are building for themselves with assistance from our church will be ready soon. Pray also for Pastor Rizal as he ministers in Carey Island: that he will continue to build bridges with the local OAs. Pray for safety as he travels from Port Klang to Carey Island. Pray that he will be able to cope with his duties – sharing God’s Word and helping out with the needs of the people.

Friday, (June 15) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for TRAC pastors, especially those with school going children that holiday times during the school holidays will not be affected by emergencies in church. Pray that this holiday season will be a meaningful time of rest, and assurance upon the children that they are loved by their parents (especially pastors) and they will be filled with the joy of the Lord always.

Saturday, (June 16) – Pray for the World: In northern Cameroon, Muslims dominate the Christians economically and politically, and the courts tend to make judgments that disadvantage Christians. Muslims own nearly all the shops, and actively try to convert Christians by offering them clothes, money, wives or shops – or, in the case of young women, by marrying them. Pray that the Christians will remain faithful to Christ, resisting all attempts to make them convert.

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