Prayer Points: June 16, 2019

Sunday, (Jun 16) – Pray that God will bless us with faith and perseverance in this life that is filled with turmoil and obstacles. Pray that in the midst of difficulties, we will not be shaken, but that our hearts will remain steadfast, trusting in the Lord and his overall plan for our lives. Pray that God will give us grace to learn to rejoice even in the midst of sufferings for His sake, knowing that suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope that God is producing the image of Christ in us. Pray that through our trials, God will transform us to be more thoughtful, more compassionate and more loving people.

Monday, (Jun 17) – Pray for TRAC: The TRAC Probationary Ministers Retreat will be held on June 18-20, 2019. This is a time where new TRAC pastors get training and spiritual input for pastoral ministry. Pray for TRAC President and Rev Joshua Khong who primarily will do the training. Pray that God will grant them the wisdom and patience to interact with the new pastors. Pray for journey mercies as the retreat will be held in Frasers’ Hill. Pray that the new TRAC pastors will benefit from both the teaching sessions and the time of human interaction.

Tuesday, (Jun 18) – The Alpha Marriage Course concluded last Sunday, June 16, 2019. Praise God for all the couples who attended the course, and pray that they had been blessed. Pray that God will bless them with strong and lasting marriage relationships as they put into practice the principles they have learnt from the marriage course. Pray that their marriages will be a place where they grow together and lean on God in every situation. In the midst of their busy lives, pray that He will help them take time to love each other deeply from the heart, setting aside selfishness and pride, and humbly serving each other.

Wednesday, (Jun 19) – Pray for the Nation: Pray that God will continue to lead, guide and counsel all the nation’s leaders at every level to forge forward with wisdom, integrity and fortitude to rebuild the nation. Pray for the Lord’s protection upon them and their families physically, mentally, and emotionally from the fiery darts of the enemy that have become so unabashedly blatant in their assaults. Pray that the unrighteous who dig holes to ensnare others will fall into the pits they have dug. Pray that the Lord, who has raised the present leadership, will keep them standing to execute His will for the nation.

Thursday, (Jun 20) –. The 10-week FIC (Freedom In Christ) Disciple Course will begin on Sunday, June 23, 2019. Pray for a good response from our church members, from the young adults to the senior adults. Pray that the participants will come with open hearts and minds in anticipation that the Holy Spirit will do a transforming work in their lives. Pray that they will have a deep passion to connect with Christ that will result in a radical difference in their lives. Pray that this course will give the participants direction and meaning in life as they go through the life-changing message of the course.

Friday, (Jun 21) – Pray for the next generation. Today’s teenagers are bombarded with every temptation known to man, and the enemy is seeking to destroy their character. Pray that this generation of youths will experience an ongoing transformation by having their minds renewed in the areas of their speech, lives, love, faith and purity. Pray for more Christ-like role models to walk alongside our youths, and effectively mentor them in the way of godliness and holiness. Pray that our youths will experience the power of the Holy Spirit in their hearts, so that their faith will be dynamic as they enjoy the living presence of Christ in their daily living.

Saturday, (Jun 22) – Pray for the World: The king of Morocco has abolished the Islamic apostasy law that specifies death for those who leave Islam. But Moroccan Christians who are converts from Islam can only meet secretly in homes, not in church buildings, and must remain invisible to society at large. Pray for changes that will fully recognize the Moroccan Christians, and allow them to worship freely and openly as well as to share their faith with others.

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