Prayer Points: June 3, 2018

Sunday, (Jun 3) – Praise God for bestowing on us the greatest love of all by sending Jesus. Pray that He will teach us to love others as He loves us, that the overflow of His love for us will enable us to love other people. Pray that we will submit ourselves to one another—considering others more important than ourselves, putting the others’ interests ahead of our own. Pray that He will help us to treat each other the way we would want to be treated in every circumstance. Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower us to demonstrate love not only to those that are lovable, but also to those who lash out at us through pain or anger, disappointment or loss.

Monday, (Jun 4) –  There has been a call for young Malaysians to return to Malaysia to build up the nation in this post GE14 period. Pray for young Malaysians who are either studying overseas or already working overseas. Pray that they will heed this call to return to Malaysia. Pray that they will have a heart of compassion for the poor and needy people of our nation, irrespective of religion, race and other factors. Pray for the future of our nation. Pray for a truly multi-ethnic composition of young people who deem themselves Malaysians first and foremost, and truly will be the powerhouse for the prosperity and wellness of our nation, with hearts that are always tender and full of love for others.

Tuesday, (Jun 5) – Pray for the World:   In Indonesia, upcoming elections in June may see an increase in attacks against religious leaders. Pray for God’s protection over church leaders and God’s people. Pray for the Church in Indonesia to remain strong and be an example of grace and peace at this time. Pray that the authorities will take the necessary measures to ensure peace during the elections.

Wednesday, (Jun 6) – Pray for the Nation: Recently, the new Finance Minister of Malaysia stated that the current national debt is more than 1 trillion ringgit. Despite this huge amount, he also stated that Malaysia’s fundamentals of economy remain strong. Pray for godly wisdom on the Finance Minister and his team of experts to chart the way ahead for our nation’s economy. Pray that legitimate sources of income will be garnered in the times ahead with wise moves. Above all, pray for integrity upon all the top leaders of the nation beginning with the Prime Minister and all the Cabinet members.

Thursday, (Jun 7) – Praise God for all the youths who have signed up for the Youth Camp (June 15-18, 2018), including around 19 youths from El-Shaddai Refugee Learning Centre. Pray that the Lord will prepare the hearts of all these youths so that they will be open to what God wants to do in their lives. Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom upon the Camp Committee as the members continue to plan to ensure smooth running of the camp. Pray that the youths will connect well with one another, especially between our youths and the youths from El-Shaddai Refugee Learning Centre.

Friday, (Jun 8) –  Pray for TRAC: Pray for Rev Buell Abraham and Rev Koe Swee Kee. Both of them are in Central District 1 and serve two churches each. Rev Buell serves in Trinity Methodist Church, Sungai Buloh & Faith Methodist Church, Cheras, while Rev Koe serves in Grace Methodist Church, Sentul as well as Wesley Methodist Church, Kepong. Pray for God’s strength to be upon them especially as these churches are not very near each other and are within the traffic-congested Klang Valley. Pray for understanding among the various congregations, especially as they are operating in a “shared pastor” context. Pray also for the need for more people to enter TRAC as pastors.

Saturday, (Jun 9) –  The mid-year school holidays begin today for a 2-week break. Pray that this will be a time where the school children will be able to have a good break from their studies. Pray for journey mercies for families that will be going on vacation. Pray for good times of fun and bonding between parents and their children. Pray for God’s protection upon children who have to stay home as their parents have to go to work. Pray that they will spend their time wisely and not engage in unhealthy pursuits such as spending prolonged hours on social media.

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