Prayer Points: March 17, 2019

Sunday, (Mar 17) – Pray that we will seek the true inner meaning that lies behind our outward fasting. Pray that in His mercy, the Lord will prepare our hearts and spirits to contemplate our lives during this season of Lent, so that we will repent of our sins. Pray that we will repent of the times when we use our acts of piety to make ourselves feel good about ourselves, and to confidently claim that we are better than the rest of the world. Pray that we will cease from all self-righteous grumbling, and actively do what God really cares about, extending His love and compassion to the disadvantaged, so we will find His favour and experience His presence.

Monday, (Mar 18) – 49 people were shot dead and more than 40 were injured in shootings at two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch on March 15, 2019, during Friday afternoon prayers. Pray for comfort for the families of those who were killed, and for healing and comfort for the injured. Pray that who are guilty of the massacres will be apprehended. Pray for God’s protection upon the innocent people in Christchurch, and for peace to be restored to the city again.

Tuesday, (Mar 19) – The Church Camp 2019 is now open for registration. Pray for a good response from our church members, and that the 170 places will be filled up. Pray for the camp speaker, Pastor Benny Ho, as he prepares to speak on the theme of Discipleship: Journeying with God. Pray for wisdom and God’s anointing upon him, that the Lord will speak through him to empower His people in Klang Wesley to be faithful disciples of Christ. Pray also for God’s grace and wisdom upon the members of organizing committee as they continue to plan for the camp.

Wednesday, (Mar 20) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for peace, good sense, reason, truthfulness, and civilized behavior to be released over the current parliamentary sittings leading to a united consensus of all things that will build Malaysia into a strong nation in all spheres. Pray that God will give wisdom and self-control to the relevant ministers to discharge their duties with integrity and excellence, focusing on the needs and issues arising, rather than to be unduly preoccupied with reacting to those who try to disrupt the proceedings with uncalled for remarks.

Thursday, (Mar 21) – The Youth Camp 2019 will be held next Wednesday to Saturday (March 27-30, 2019). Praise God for the youths who have signed up, and pray that more of them will also sign up for the camp. Pray for open hearts, honest fellowship and that lives will be transformed. Pray that chains will be broken, in a way that lasts. Pray that the camp will be a catalyst for real salvation, real healing and real fruit. Pray for the members of the organizing camp committee as they look into all the various aspects of the camp, that the Lord will grant them wisdom to look into all the necessary details. Pray Jesus will take His place at the centre of the camp.

Friday, (Mar 22) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Living Hope Methodist Church in Bukit Rimau. Recently an opportunity has opened for the church to purchase its own property in a new development project nearby to its current location. The church leadership has met and feels that this is the right move. Pray for finances, which is a major challenge. Pray that God will provide ways to supply for their need. Pray for the new pastor, Rev Gaurri Maniam, as she builds relationship with church leaders and the congregation. Pray also that new people will attend the church, and for new believers to be won for Christ through Living Hope Methodist Church.

Saturday, (Mar 23) – The Creative Arts Ministry will be presenting a musical for Easter, involving singing, dance and drama. Pray for God’s protection upon all those who are involved, for good health and for unity of purpose, which is to glorify Christ. Pray for smooth running for all the rehearsals. As the presentation is evangelistic in nature, in that it is a musical presentation on the life and ministry of Christ, pray that our church members will connect, pray and invite their pre-believing relatives and friends for our Easter Service.

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