Prayer Points: March 24, 2019

Sunday, (Mar 24) – Thank Christ for rescuing us with His grace. Pray that as His grace has touched our lives, we will let it flow to those around us. Pray that we will sweep aside any prejudices we have against others, and learn to treat people like Jesus does – with love and compassion. During this season of Lent, pray that God will open our eyes to see the old wineskins in our lives that are hindering us from drawing closer to Him, and be transformed into the people He wants us to be. Pray that the Lord will make us into new wineskins, flexible, pliable and able to receive the new wine He desires to pour into our lives.

Monday, (Mar 25) – Youth Camp 2019 will be held in Cameron Highlands from Wednesday to Saturday (March 27-30, 2019). Pray for journey mercies and God’s protection upon all who are attending the camp. Pray that the Lord will move powerfully in every single heart, that His Spirit will transform the lives of everyone. Pray that during the times of worship, God will draw the youths into His presence, and the love of the Father will be poured out into their hearts. Pray for the teaching sessions, that God’s Word will fall mightily into soft hearts, that the youths will grow in wisdom, and their love for Christ will be fanned into flame above and beyond all rivals. Pray also for the pre-believer youths that the power of the Gospel will bring salvation into their hearts and lives.

Tuesday, (Mar 26) – Pray for the Adult Bible Classes that began last Sunday (March 17, 2019) and will continue for another 3 Sundays. Pray for more people to come for these classes. Pray that as the participants study God’s Word, they will move into a deeper understanding of His truth, and the Word will come alive within them to inspire, and guide their hearts and minds. Pray that the participants will be “rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.” (Colossians 2:7).

Wednesday, (Mar 27) – Pray for the Nation: Pray against individuals or political parties that heap up racial and religious issues and sentiments to gain sympathy and support for their selfish political agenda. Pray for a paradigm shift for the rakyat to think of themselves as Malaysians rather than race, to embrace religious freedom as a way of life for our multi-racial and multi-religion Malaysia. Pray that Christians will set the example in the way they relate to people of different race or religion.

Thursday, (Mar 28) – The 21-Day Prayer Meetings will begin on Sunday, March 31, 2019 until April 17, 2019, with the Morning Watches (April 1-6 & 8-11, 2019) at 6:00am, the Night Watches (April 15-17, 2019) at 8:00pm, and the Sunday Watches (March 31, April 7 &14, 2019) at 7:00am. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move the hearts of our church members to give priority, and make time to come for some, if not all these prayer meetings. Pray for God’s presence and favour to be upon all the meetings, that He will reveal His will for our personal lives, our church and our nation as we seek Him in worship and prayer.

Friday, (Mar 29) – Pray for TRAC: The Methodist Pastors School will be held in Port Dickson (April 2-4, 2019). More than 500 pastors from all over Malaysia will be attending. TRAC President is heading the group organizing this event. Pray for journey mercies for all pastors travelling by air and road to Port Dickson. Pray for the logistics, that all will run as smoothly as possible. Pray for the main speaker, Archbishop Glenn Davies from Australia. Above all, pray for God to work mightily among the pastors to renew their love and commitment for God.

Saturday, (Mar 30) – Pray for the World: Pray for God’s protection and strength for the Christians in Eritrea (in north-eastern Africa) who are labouring under the yoke of persecution and imprisonment. Pray that God will move the Eritrean government to respect the freedom of religion laid down in their country’s constitution. Pray for Eritrean believers who have fled the country, that they will find safe havens where they can live safely and worship Christ freely.

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