Prayer Points: March 3, 2019

Sunday, (Mar 3) – Pray that our church members will earnestly seek a growing relationship with God, to put our being before doing, maturity before ministry, character before career. Pray that we will repent of the fact that too often we are slaves to our habits, passions, and emotions, and that we will turn from these sinful practices to grow in grace and godliness. Pray that in the context of our relationships, our words will be life giving instead of life draining, encouraging instead of demeaning, hope-filled instead of cynical, joyful instead of sarcastic. Pray that we will be humble enough to remember that we will never be so mature that we do not need to receive godly counsel from our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Monday, (Mar 4) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for the federal government, for unity among all the component parties, and pray against all divisive forces that threatens to create disunity. Pray that the nation’s leaders will put the needs of the nation above all things, and work in harmony together for the good of Malaysia. Pray for God’s wisdom upon them as they continue to deal with difficult issues that plague our nation. Pray that they will serve the people with integrity and transparency, and always pursue righteousness, peace, racial and religious harmony among the rakyat.

Tuesday, (Mar 5) – Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, which begins the 40 days of Lent, and there will be an Ash Wednesday Service tomorrow night. Pray that people will take time to come for the service to seek the Lord together as a congregation. Pray that we will walk though this season intentionally, removing distractions to spend time reflecting and meditating on the passion of Christ, and that God will draw us into a deeper communion with Him during the coming 40 days. Pray that we will see God’s goodness and His glory in new ways throughout this season of Lent, and will know Him better and understand Him more completely.

Wednesday, (Mar 6) – Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower all the Christians in Malaysia to prioritize prayer their lives and to make prayer a lifestyle. Pray for greater mobilization of prayer in all the churches in the nation, that church leaders will exemplify prayer in their lives, and that corporate prayer meetings will be a priority for the church members. Pray that God will raise up mighty intercessors from among the youths and children. Pray that we will possess the right attitude in prayer, and pray not only for own needs, but we will always remember the needs of others, our nation, the evangelization of the unsaved, and the well being of the next generation.

Thursday, (Mar 7) – Thank God for giving our church a capable, hard-working and dedicated church staff, and pray that the Lord will pour out blessings of strength, grace and physical health on them. Pray for wisdom for them as they look into the administration and the day-to-day running of the church. Pray that the Lord will provide them with abundant joy and peace as they serve Him by serving His people. Pray that they will enjoy good relationship with all the church members. Pray that the people will appreciate their service and will remember to encourage and pray for them. Pray for God’s protection upon them and their families.

Friday, (Mar 8) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the TRAC Youth Prayer Retreat during the March school holidays in Teluk Intan. Pray that there will be good attendance and that the youths attending this event will be energized to go back to their local youth groups and be agents of positive change in the area of the corporate and individual prayer life of people. Pray also for God’s anointing and wisdom upon Rev Christopher Rao who will be the main speaker.

Saturday, (Mar 9) – Pray for the World: Pray for the Christians in Vietnam who face persecution of many kinds, including arrest, detention, and mob violence. Pray that they will cling faithfully to God, resisting all attempts to make them deny His name. Pray especially for ethnic minority Christians who are often treated the worst. Pray that God will move the hearts of the authorities to take concrete steps toward increasing religious liberty, and that they will see that Christians have a positive influence on society.

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