Prayer Points: May 27, 2018

Sunday, (May 27) – Thank God for His unconditional and everlasting love for us. Pray that we will respond to His love for us: when He calls us, we will answer; when He teaches us to walk in His ways, we will follow Him without hesitation; when He shows us the sickness of our sin and offer to heal us with forgiveness, we will admit our need and accept His healing; when He feeds us with spiritual food, we will receive it and grow; when He chastens us, we will not stiffen ourselves against it, but be changed by it. Pray that when we realize how God agonizes over us, we will want to please Him, not cause Him more pain. Pray that our one desire is to know Him more and to love Him more.

Monday, (May 28) – The Fresh Encounter With The Holy Spirit Seminar will begin tonight and conclude tomorrow (May 29, 2018). Pray for good weather and smooth traffic conditions so that everyone who has registered for the seminar will be able to come on time. Pray for all the participants to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s presence and to respond in faith to His touch as He ministers to the people. Pray for God’s anointing upon Rev Dr Bernard Teh and his team so that the Lord will use them as His vessels to minister to the people. Pray for journey mercies and God’s protection upon everyone.

Tuesday, (May 29) – Pray for the Nation: Praise God and give Him glory for all that He has done for our nation. Pray that all personal agendas and greed will be completely swept away and the mistakes of the previous government never to be repeated. Pray that God’s wisdom will be upon the Prime Minister as he continues to appoint ministers to the Cabinet so that only God-fearing and righteous men and women of integrity will be chosen to govern our nation. Pray for unity of hearts to work diligently towards a godly, righteous, just, fair, stable and caring government for all Malaysians irrespective of race, religion and economic status.

Wednesday, (May 30) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the LEAD Conference 2018 (May 31-June 2) at DUMC. Pray for the speakers, Edmund & Ann Chan, Jossy Chacko, Jason & Angie Prosser and Miles Toulmin and others. Pray that those who attend LEAD will be inspired to lead wherever God calls them. Pray in all things, God will be glorified through LEAD 2018. Pray for journey mercies for everyone coming for the conference.

Thursday, (May 31) – Pray for the Church in Malaysia. Praise God for all the fervent prayers and intercessions that were offered up to God during GE14 by the churches in Malaysia, and for the miraculous way the Lord answered our prayers. Pray that the Church in Malaysia will continue to be passionate in their prayers and intercessions for the nation and never again to be complacent and apathetic. Pray that Christians will walk the talk, and lead upright and holy lives, being an example to the rakyat as we rebuild our nation.

Friday, (Jun 1) – Pray for the Christian Fellowships (CFs) in all the schools in our nation. Pray that God will sustain all these CFs so that the next generation will be impacted with sound Biblical values and pre-believers in the schools will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Pray that Christian teachers will volunteer their leadership in CF groups. Pray that the Lord will grant them courage and fervency in continuing their work in the CF and to witness effectively to the students and their fellow teachers by their commitment and diligence in their work. Pray for the CF leaders to be good witnesses to the Gospel, and to be bold in sharing God’s goodness in their lives with their friends. Pray that they will always maintain a close walk with the Lord.

Saturday, (Jun 2) – Pray for the World: In India, Christian families were attacked by local villagers and hospitalised after they gathered for a Christian’s funeral. Pray that God will intervene and that they will be able to forgive their persecutors, so that this will be a powerful example of God’s love and forgiveness. Pray that unbelieving hearts will be touched, and these people will be open to hear the Gospel.

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