Prayer Points: November 25, 2018

Sunday, (Nov 25) – Pray for consistent spiritual growth for all of us in Klang Wesley. Pray that we not remain spiritual infants, but grow in wisdom and grace, and to be prolific in bearing spiritual fruit for the good of God’s kingdom. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to bring our lives under His control, help us to check our attitudes, words, actions and our insistence on having our way, our fears, doubts and other things which stand as evidence of our immaturity. Pray that God will develop in us an insatiable desire to know more of Him, and to know Him more intimately, so that individually and corporately we may grow up and mature in every aspect of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Monday, (Nov 26) – The year-end school holidays have begun. Praise God for the opportunity for families to take a break from their daily routines and to replenish their minds, bodies and souls. Pray that the Lord will watch over and protect all those going for vacation – for travel mercies, and to bring them safely home, refreshed and renewed. Pray for physical and spiritual renewal for all the children and youths who will be going for camps. Pray that during these holidays, God will keep them safe, give them good rest and good fun so they will be refreshed and ready for a new school year in 2019.

Tuesday, (Nov 27) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for racial harmony to prevail in our nation. Pray that all racial and religious issues that promote tensions and breed disharmony among the rakyat will be eradicated. Pray against all those who attempt to instill hatred and racism to disrupt the peace in our nation. Pray for those in authority to deal with issues pertaining to race and religion with wisdom and sensitivity so that we will continue to enjoy racial harmony and religious freedom in our nation.

Wednesday, (Nov 28) – Pray for the World: Persecution is increasing all over India. Pray for God’s protection upon His people, and for strength and faith for believers to stand firm daily. Pray that the Christians will extend forgiveness and love to the Hindu extremists, and as these extremists experience the love of Christ in action, they will turn to Him in faith.

Thursday, (Nov 29) – VBS 2018 will begin next Monday to Friday (December 3-7, 2018). Pray that the teachers and helpers will be united to serve the kids. Pray for the worship team (comprising of our Sunday School teachers and helpers), for God’s grace and strength, and that He will use the team to minister to the kids, and encourage them to worship Jesus with heart, mind, soul and strength. Pray for the hearts of the kids to be ready to receive from the Lord. Pray for wisdom upon Rev Nicholas as he teaches the kids, that the lessons will take root in the lives of the kids for future growth. Pray for good weather and smooth traffic flow every day. Pray for God’s protection upon those who will be staying in church, and that they will enjoy the night programmes and have great fellowship. Pray for good health and safety for everyone, and that the entire VBS will run smoothly.

Friday, (Nov 30) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Bishop Ong Hwai Teik. He had to attend 6 different Annual Conferences in the month of November. Pray that he will have a time of recovery and renewal of strength. Pray for godly wisdom to be upon him as the year ends, especially as he has to lead the Methodist Church in Malaysia. Pray that he will be able to spend some private time with his family during the Christmas season. Pray that God will always grant him journey mercies as he travels extensively both within Malaysia and abroad.

Saturday, (Dec 1) – Rev Nicholas Choo will be conducting a seminar tomorrow (December 2, 2018) after the Sunday Worship Service entitled DNA of Family Missions, which will address topics such as developing a family missions mindset, nurturing a family missions culture, activating a family missions practice. Pray for good attendance. Pray for God’s anointing upon Rev Nicholas, that God will use him to help our church raise mission-minded families who will have a heart for people who have yet to hear the Gospel of Jesus.

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