Prayer Points: October 13, 2019

Sunday, (Oct 13) – Pray that God will help us to be “beautiful feet” in spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone we can, in whatever manner we can use, depending on the Holy Spirit as our strength, and not on our own strength. Pray that the Lord will keep us alert to the opportunities He has opened for us to share about Jesus and His love. Pray that He will give us wisdom to know what to say, and the courage to share the Gospel with confidence. Pray that we will witness for Jesus not only with our words, but more importantly, with our actions and attitudes. Pray for the XEE semester that is ongoing, that all the participants will learn to share the Gospel effectively with confidence and clarity.

Monday, (Oct 14) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for God’s wisdom upon the educational policy and decision makers in the nation to provide an education system that is progressive, focusing on raising the level of knowledge and professionalism, raising the standard of education, removing the influence of politics, and being development centred rather than race centred. Pray for an end to the cycle of illiteracy, that every Malaysian will be educated, every child will have the opportunity to go to school, as education eradicates poverty. Pray for parental engagement and support to increase their children’s chances of access to a quality education.

Tuesday, (Oct 15) – The Second Local Conference for Klang Wesley will be held tomorrow, October 16, 2019. Pray that all the members of the Local Conference will be able to attend the meeting. Pray for journey mercies and wisdom for Rev Dr Jeyakumar who will be presiding over the meeting. Pray for those who have been nominated, and also those who will be elected during the meeting, to serve in the LCEC in 2020, that God’s hand of favour and blessing be upon these people. Pray that everything will flow smoothly, and in accordance with God’s sovereign will for the church.

Wednesday, (Oct 16) – Pray for the District Conference for Central District 2, that will be held tomorrow, October 17, 2019. Pray that the people from all the 8 churches in the district will gather together in a spirit of unity. Pray that the sharing of items by the pastors of the local churches may bring inspiration to those attending. Pray also for the Lay Leaders as they meet over dinner at 7pm. Pray for mutual sharing that will encourage each other. Pray for God’s wisdom upon Pastor Ashok as he chairs the meeting. Pray also for journey mercies, especially in this season when it has started to rain again.

Thursday, (Oct 17) – Pray for our Orang Asli (OA) Ministry. Three of the standard six OA students have been offered both free Banting government residential hostel, as well as free Raub Methodist residential hostel for the January 2020 Form One intake. Pray that God will guide the parents of these three students to make wise choices as to whether their children should stay home and attend school daily, or to send them to stay in a hostel, and if so, to know which hostel is God’s choice for their children. Pray that these OA children will grow up well spiritually, academically and physically in the days to come.

Friday, (Oct 18) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Emmanuel Methodist Church, PJ. The leaders will be going for their Planning Retreat on October 18-19, 2019. Pray for wisdom upon all. Pray that issues will be discussed in a spirit of love and harmony, and the church will emplace strategic changes for the future. Pray that church members will put attending prayer meetings and worship services as a top priority. Pray for good working relationship between the pastor and the church leaders.

Saturday, (Oct 19) – Pray for the World: Pray for missionaries who are serving in all parts of the world. Pray that they will always have a close walk with Christ. Pray that they will adapt well to the culture and customs of the nations they are in. Pray for their marriages to be strong and healthy, and for close family relationships. Pray for good time management – that they will have times of rest and refreshment, regular times of prayer and Bible study, and good fellowship with the local Christian community.

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