Prayer Points: October 20, 2019

Sunday, (Oct 20) – Thank God that “while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to Him through the death of His Son” (Romans 5:10), not because of our own doing, but because of God’s mercy and grace. Pray that He will help us to see the needs of those around us through His eyes and to show compassion and love to them the way He does. Pray that God will help us to be His ears to listen to the cries of those with physical and emotional needs. Pray that He will teach us to be His voice speaking out love and acceptance, to be His feet walking beside those who need help and encouragement, and to be His hands to clothe and feed them. Pray that we will be a neighbour to whoever is in need, regardless of race and religion.

Monday, (Oct 21) – Pray for the Nation: The national budget was recently presented. Pray that the poor will benefit from this budget in 2020. Pray that the government will always be aware of the needs of the poorer strata of society, and will make policies that will benefit these people. Pray also for job opportunities to be made available to all rakyat in Malaysia irrespective of race or religion. Pray that more young people will remain in Malaysia and help build up the nation, especially to minister to the needs of the poorer community.

Tuesday, (Oct 22) – Pray for the children’s Holiday Camp (VBS) in December. As registrations are now open, pray for good response and support from the parents and children. Pray that the places will be quickly filled up. Pray that the children and parents in our Sunday School will be proactive in inviting their friends for the camp, especially, children from pre-believing homes. Pray for the camp committee, for smooth planning and coordination of the programme with the 2 speakers. Pray also for God’s providence for sufficient funds to help needy children who are keen to come for the camp.

Wednesday, (Oct 23) – Pray that more people will come for the Sit Down Exercise that is held every Saturday morning in church. Pray that our church members will be proactive in inviting their pre-believing relatives and friends for this programme. Pray that our church members will also purposefully get to know participants who are not from our church, and connect with them. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help our church members to develop a kingdom mentality, and they will always be mindful of Christ’s mandate to make disciples of all nations.

Thursday, (Oct 24) – The LCEC and Cell Leaders will be going away for the Leaders’ Retreat & Planning Session in Port Dickson Methodist Centre from October 26-28, 2019. Pray for journey mercies for all who will be going for the retreat. Pray for a spirit of harmony, unity and love to prevail, and for the leaders to be open and sensitive to the presence and move of the Holy Spirit. Ask for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, and for the Lord to keep the people in focus as they gather. Pray for God to renew, refresh and encourage the leaders. Pray that God’s sovereign will be done in all things at the retreat. Pray also for God’s protection upon the family members of all the leaders.

Friday, (Oct 25) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Life Methodist Church, Puchong. The church surveyed its congregation and 93% agreed to move to Puncak Jalil in the future (from its present location). The church has a half acre vacant plot of land there. However, the total estimated cost of building a two-storey building there (over the next 5 years) will cost more than RM3 million. Pray in faith that the money will be collected over the next few years. Pray for Rev Chang Choy Quin and the church leaders as they trust in God and lead the church.

Saturday, (Oct 26) – Pray for the World: A recent census in Malawi showed that the growing Muslim community in the nation is less than 12%. But Muslims dominate the economy, and in the senior positions in all the 4 main political parties. Pray that Malawian Christians will have wisdom and perseverance to play an active role in their country, and prevent the process of Islamisation in their country.

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