Prayer Points: October 2018

Sunday, (Oct 28) – Pray that, like Noah, we will consistently be obedient to God and not just when it is convenient for us. Pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us to be as faithful as Noah so that we will find favour in God’s sight. Pray that we will not abuse God’s grace, but know that His grace is not given for us to sin, but for us to be given the chance to repent and turn from our wicked ways. Pray that, like Noah, we will be faithful in sharing the Gospel with others, and we will not lose heart even when our efforts seem to yield insignificant results. Pray that the Holy Spirit will teach us to be as trusting as Noah, that when everything around us seems to be falling into ruin, we will know that God will lift us up above the floodwaters of sin and destruction.

Monday, (Oct 29) – Pray for VBS 2018: So far, about 35-40 children have registered for VBS 2018. Pray that more children will quickly register, and for the 150-180 places will be filled. Pray that our Sunday School children will invite their friends for VBS, and non-church children, especially those from pre-believing homes will come for the camp. Pray for God’s protection, guidance and blessing upon the Sunday School teachers and helpers as they prepare for the VBS, so that the camp will run smoothly. Pray that extra people will volunteer to help out, and there will be sufficient helpers for the camp.

Tuesday, (Oct 30) – Give thanks to God for all the young adults in our church. Pray that they will seek the heart of God in important choices that will define their lives. Pray that they will love the Word of God, and put their trust in the Scriptures as a source of authority. Pray that God will bless them with good jobs where they can be His salt and light to their colleagues. Pray that they will practice good time management, and always have time to deepen their relationship with Lord, and to serve Him. Pray that God will stir within them a purpose that they can be passionate about, and a desire to reflect the goodness of Christ through that purpose.

Wednesday, (Oct 31) – Pray for the Nation: Malaysia BUDGET 2019 is due to be announced on November 2, 2018. As the nation is facing an economic crisis, pray for God’s wisdom and guidance upon the government, especially the Ministry of Finance, as it focuses on a budget that ensures the nation has sufficient and stable sources of revenue for the its development over the long term. As the Finance Minister has warned that it will be an austere budget, pray that Malaysians will be willing to give up the usual treats and handouts from years past without complaining and protesting.

Thursday, (Nov 1) – Pray for the Parenting Children Talk by Pastor Damien Chua on Sunday, November 4, 2018. Pray for God’s anointing upon Pastor Damien as he shares on areas like establishing a balance between love & discipline, emphasizing on character instead of other matters, and the role of spiritual parents. Pray that all parents, grandparents and guardians of children aged 12 and below will make time to come for the talk. Pray that they will also invite their friends and relatives who have children, especially parents who are pre-believers. Pray for God’s blessing and protection upon the talk.

Friday, (Nov 2) – Pray for TRAC: The Raub Hostel for Orang Asli (OA) children will begin construction work in the first week of November. The project costs more than RM700,000, with RM500,000 plus already secured. Pray that the remaining money will come in. Pray for a safe construction of the new building despite the rainy season in November. Pray that this hostel will be a blessing to the 80 students (maximum) who will stay there. Pray that more OA children will succeed in their studies in the years to come and more hostels for OA children will be built in Malaysia

Saturday, (Nov 3) – Pray for the World: Christians in northern Pakistan got permission to build a church, but local Muslims started a social media campaign against the church building. The result was that the construction materials were stolen and the water supply was cut off. Church elders reported this to the police, who have done nothing. Pray that God will protect His people who have to suffer for their faith, and keep them from discouragement. Pray that God will grant them grace to forgive their perpetrators, and their Christ-like lives will draw others to Him

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