Prayer Points: October 27, 2019

Sunday, (Oct 27) – Pray for God’s grace and favour upon all missionaries, that whatever seeds of the Gospel they have sown will produce a mighty harvest to be reaped for the glory of God. Pray that we, as a church, will engage in the spiritual work of Kingdom advancement worldwide through our prayers and intercession, that as the church prays, Christians will begin to get a clearer glimpse of world missions, God’s people will move closer toward the heart of God for the lost world, and that fears about sharing the Gospel will be defeated. Pray that God will open up opportunities for us to sow the seed of the Gospel, and to be alert and aware of these opportunities, so we don’t miss them.

Monday, (Oct 28) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for our national leaders that they will not be distracted from the goal to move forward in their fight against corruption, and to turn around and put right all the bad policies of the past. Pray against all the spiritual forces of evil and darkness, every evil plan and plot, every work of witchcraft, and every fiery dart aimed to destabilise the government. Pray that God will grant them wisdom to focus on the tasks at hand, and to ensure that righteousness, justice, freedom, equality and unity will prevail in the nation.

Tuesday, (Oct 29) – Pray for God’s hand of protection upon the senior members in our church, that He will watch over them and keep them safe from all harm, especially from falling down and hurting themselves. Pray that He will keep them from the unpleasantries of ill health, and grant them good health. Pray that the Lord will nourish them as they turn each day to His precious Word for their daily sustenance. Pray that their families, and also the church family, will value them, and that they will never be ignored or excluded, but always encounter respect and love. Pray that they will live serenely and feel welcomed in all the years of life which God has given them.

Wednesday, (Oct 30) – Pray for the Creative Arts Ministry Team as the team members prepare for Christmas. Pray that in every area of the preparations, God will grant them wisdom and guidance. As children, youths, adults and senior adults will be involved in the Christmas Musical Drama this year, pray that the Lord will use this as an opportunity for good bonding between all the different age groups in our church. Most important, pray that Christ will be the in the centre of all we do – the acting, singing, and dancing, and that in all we do, we do for His glory.

Thursday, (Oct 31) – Pray for the talk on Addiction – Computer Games, Pornography & Social Media that will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2019. As this talk has been organized specifically for youths, pray that all our youths will come for the talk, and also invite their friends to come along. Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing upon the speaker, Pastor Paul Vijayan, that what he shares will be relevant to the youths, and they will be able to identify with what he says. Pray that the youths will want to put into practice the principles they learn with regards to this topic on addiction.

Friday, (Nov 1) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for Living Stream Preaching Point in Subang Bestari, for the pastor, Rev Eric Tan and the leaders of the Preaching Point, as they are working with a kindergarten to reach out to the children and their parents. Pray that plans and programmes will benefit these children and parents, and eventually they will come to worship in the church. Pray for those who are pre-believers, that the Holy Spirit will bring salvation into their hearts and lives.

Saturday, (Nov 2) – Pray for the World: Praise God that in the last 3 years, there has been more toleration of Christian activities in Uzbekistan, once the hardest and most difficult Central Asian country for Christians. But believers still face restrictions in worship and are banned from sharing their faith with pre-believers, and many believers face rejection and even physical harm from their Muslim relatives. Pray for grace, wisdom, patience, and perseverance for the believers, and that their love and peaceful attitude will soften the attitudes of those who oppose them, and glorify God.

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