Prayer Points: September 15, 2019

Sunday, (Sep 15) – Pray that out of gratitude and devotion to Christ, we will purposefully live surrendered lives for Him. Pray that the Lord will give us grace to deny ourselves, to take up our cross daily, and to follow Christ, to discipline our bodies and keep them under control. Pray that He will keep us from being lovers of ourselves, from being wise in our own eyes and leaning to our own understanding. Pray that we will seek not our own good only, but also the good of others. Pray that we will embrace a daily dying and rising with Christ, and a life-time journey of faith, so we will experience the deep joy of knowing that God is using us to bring about His kingdom.

Monday, (Sep 16) – Pray for The Glory of God Seminar that will be held on Friday & Saturday, September 20 & 21, 2019. Pray for journey mercies for Pastor Terence and Pastor Felix (Youth Pastor), and for God’s anointing upon them as they teach and minister. Pray that the participants will be hungry and thirsty for the things of God, and have a deep desire to know Him, His ways and His character. Pray that Jesus will be enthroned among us, manifesting His presence, power and goodness. Pray that the seminar will be impactful, and cause a deep stirring, reviving, renewing and transforming in the minds of the participants to be more like Christ. Pray for good weather and for good attendance, especially from among those of the next generation.

Tuesday, (Sep 17) – Pray for the Nation: The country has been hit by haze since September 5, 2019, a situation that has been worsening by the day, to the extent that schools in Sarawak and Peninsula Malaysia have been ordered to close temporarily. Pray that the rakyat will act responsibly, and refrain from open burning, which has been banned across the entire country in an effort to combat the worsening haze. Pray for wisdom for the authorities as they look for ways to manage the situation. Pray that God will protect those with respiratory issues, and heal those who health has been affected by the haze. Pray for God’s divine intervention, that He will send wind and rain to remove the haze.

Wednesday, (Sep 18) – Pray for the family members of our church leaders. Pray for God’s grace and strength upon them as they bear the extra burden of sharing their loved ones with the church. Pray for their own spiritual lives, that they would grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. Pray that they will be encouraged and supported by the church family. Pray that God will protect the marriages of our leaders, and for peace and love to abound in their homes. Pray for their children to grow up in the fear of the Lord. Pray that all our leaders and their families will be united in ministry and pursuit of the Lord.

Thursday, (Sep 19) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for protection and covering upon the Federal Government, against all fiery darts aimed at the ministers. Pray that the government will govern with God-given authority, the spirit of wisdom and integrity, and the fear of God. Pray that God will sharpen the skills of all the new ministers so that they will discharge their duties efficiently and effectively, without fear or favour. Pray for unity between all those serving in the government, that they will be united in their task of rebuilding the nation.

Friday, (Sep 20) – Pray for TRAC: The TRAC Executive Board accepted the proposal by CD2 that Living Hope Methodist Church’s (Kota Kemuning) building project be accepted as a TRAC Conference project in 2020. This means the church can appeal for donations from all TRAC churches in 2020. The church purchased two shoplots in a new development project (30 stories high and mainly residential units) near their present church. The building will be completed in 2021, but progress payments must be made periodically. Pray that people / churches will give generously for this project.

Saturday, (Sep 21) – Pray for the World: In parts of Nepal, it is difficult to build church buildings due to opposition from extremists. Believers often have difficulties conducting worship services. Pray that God will change the extremists’ hearts, and that believers will be able to continue to gather. Pray that God will strengthen and deepen the faith of His people, and that more people will respond to the Gospel.

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