Prayer Points: September 2, 2018

Sunday, (Sep 2) – Praise God that He has given marriage as a holy relationship that reflects our relationship with Him. Pray that married couples will follow His example and set aside their selfishness and pride and humbly serve each other. Pray that God will help them to be of one spirit and of one mind and value each other above themselves, looking out for each other’s interests. When struggles or conflicts arise, pray that their first response will be to come to the Lord together for help to work through their differences in a way that honours Him and strengthens their relationship. Pray that God will help married couples glorify Him through this lifelong covenant.

Monday, (Sep 3) – Pray for the Nation: The 14th Parliament sitting is taking a break and will reconvene on October 15, 2018. Pray that God will oversee in every matter that has been discussed, issues debated, decisions made, bills tabled and also forthcoming ones to ensure that righteousness and justice will be upheld at all cost. Pray that God will continue to bless the government with wisdom and unity as it faces a challenging time to rebuild the nation. Pray for God’s protection upon the members of the cabinet and their families.

Tuesday, (Sep 4) – Pray for our church members who are not well that God will bring healing, wholeness and a sense of well-being upon them. Pray that He will give wisdom and insight to the doctors to diagnose the root cause of their illnesses and determine the right treatment. Pray that God will bless the caregivers with stamina, patience and grace as they care for the ones who are sick. Pray that the Lord will eliminate anxiety, replace fear with faith, bestow overflowing hope, and renew the bodies and spirits of those who are sick. Pray also for God’s healing for those who need emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Wednesday, (Sep 5) – Pray for Sarawak: Praise God that many churches in Peninsula and East Malaysia are empowering the indigenous people groups in Sarawak through the National Economic Empowerment Coalition. Praise God for the work that has already started, and is going strong through education, farming, and discipling the next generation of the indigenous people groups in Sarawak. Pray that the Church in Sarawak will continue to grow in strength and depth in Christ Jesus, and that there will be a concerted effort in reaching out to the indigenous people with the Gospel of Christ.

Thursday, (Sep 6) – Pray for church leaders in Malaysia that they will be godly shepherds and mentors who are filled with grace, wisdom, courage and spiritual authority to serve God’s people for such a time as this. Pray that they will provide direction and vision to their churches, speaking boldly against unrighteous practices, advocating holy living, providing strategic discipleship, encouraging evangelism and demonstrating love in daily living. Pray that the Church of Malaysia will be a voice for the poor & marginalized, the migrants and the refugees in the nation.

Friday, (Sep 7) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the Institute of Christian Ministries (ICM) of TRAC. Recently, a few ICM members and leaders met to evaluate their core programmes on leadership development in TRAC. It was a fruitful meeting. Pray for God’s wisdom for ICM to revamp their current programmes and incorporate new items. Pray that through the efforts of ICM, TRAC churches will see more younger people coming into church leadership. Pray for Ms Ng Wai Ling who is the Director of ICM as she continues to serve the Lord with zeal.

Saturday, (Sep 8) – Pray for the World: Praise God that His Church in China is growing and that Christians are continuing faithfully despite growing persecution and restrictions, especially for those in the unregistered “house churches”. Pray that God will give wisdom to His people, and guide their efforts to improve relations with the government without compromising their faith. Pray for God’s grace upon His people, that they may grow in faith and maturity as a result of these testing events.

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