Prayer Points: September 22, 2019

Sunday, (Sep 22) – Pray that God will increase our desire for more of the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Pray that He will empty us of anything that is preventing the Holy Spirit from being in control of our lives, and increase our wills to surrender totally to His Spirit. Pray that God will grant to each of us a fresh stirring and filling of the Holy Spirit, and any gifting / giftings He would be pleased to give us. Pray that we will be more sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives so we can follow Him more closely. Pray that God will help us walk in obedience to His Spirit that He might produce His fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in our lives.

Monday, (Sep 23) – Pray for the Nation: The haze continues to cover many places in our nation. Pray that God will send heavy downpours and strong winds to clear and disperse the suffocating haze from these places. Pray that God will also send rain and wind over the hotspots in Indonesia to blow away the haze and smoke brought about by the fires caused by the hotspots. Pray for God’s protection upon the firefighters and others fighting the fire on the ground. Pray that Indonesia and its neighbours will work harmoniously together to resolve this issue. Pray that those affected by the haze, especially the children and the elderly, will find relief and solutions to this problem;

Tuesday, (Sep 24) – Praise God for the many prayer gatherings and prayer rallies that were held last week in conjunction with Malaysia Day, and for the many churches of different denominations that gathered together in unity for these gatherings. Praise God for the miracles of healing and deliverance in the rallies in Kuching. Pray that the Church of Malaysia will continue this momentum of prayer. Pray that the Christians in Malaysia will commit themselves to live out their faith in love and compassion, to be Christ’s light in the nation, and to be salt to stop the rot in our society.

Wednesday, (Sep 25) – Pray that God will bring about social justice in our nation, and that He will begin with His people. Pray that Christians will reach out in compassion to the marginalized, the vulnerable, the forgotten and neglected in our society. Pray that we will ensure that the disabled and ageing are cared for and given dignity. Pray that we will embrace all migrants and refugees as family, and be a voice for them to be accorded the same rights to education, healthcare and security. Pray that God will protect them from trafficking and oppression.

Thursday, (Sep 26) – Pray for the revival of the Indigenous Church in our nation. Pray that the Orang Asli Christians in Semenanjung, and the Orang Asal Christians in Sabah and Sarawak will be strong and courageous, with a deep love for the Word of God. Pray that the Lord will protect them from the temptation of money, and keep them from falling away from His ways. Pray that the seeds of discipleship sown in their lives will be nurtured with the Word of God, and they will be enriched and empowered to grow strong in God’s Spirit even in the face of temptations and challenges.

Friday, (Sep 27) – Pray for TRAC: TRAC will be advertising for two part-time positions – a part-time Girls’ Brigade Ministry worker and a part-time Boys’ Brigade Ministry worker at TRAC level. Pray that these two positions will be taken up in the near future by good and mature Christians. The need for good, mature Christians to minister to youths is very great. The budget has been allocated, but at times it may be difficult to fill these positions. Pray for God’s provision for these needs.

Saturday, (Sep 28) – Pray for the World: Christians in Afghanistan are in severe danger of being killed for apostasy from Islam; either murdered by the Taliban, or executed by the state. Yet, praise God, they find ways to meet together. Pray that God will protect them. In the last decade, Afghan society at large, as well many members of the Afghan parliament, have expressed extreme hostility to those who leave Islam, and demanded harsh punishments, even for converts who have left the country. Pray that God will soften the hearts of these people, and protect the Afghan Christians, wherever they are.

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