Prayer Points: September 30, 2018

Sunday, (Sep 30) – Pray for God’s blessing upon women, that He will fill them with His incredible peace, and wrap them in His love. Pray that they will feel confident and worthy, and grow closer to Christ every day. Pray that God will fuel a desire deep within them to seek after Him. Pray that in times of frustration, they will go back to the principle of letting God transform and renew their minds to only think on whatever is pure, right, lovely and good. Pray that when anxiety hits, they will remember to not be anxious about anything, but to pray about everything, keeping a heart of thanksgiving for what they have been given. Pray that God will help them to order their days so their priorities will reflect His, and they will spend their time and energy as God will want them to.

Monday, (Oct 1) – Pray for the Baptism & Membership Classes. The class for the youths began yesterday with 8 youths attending. The adult class will begin on Sunday, October 7, 2017. Praise God for all those who have taken the step of faith to be identified as followers of Christ through the sacrament of baptism. Pray that the Lord will grant them strength to attend all the classes, and that they will grow deeper in their relationship with Christ as they learn about the foundations of their faith.

Tuesday, (Oct 2) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for a new mindset for all our politicians and law makers. Pray that they will govern fairly and do that which is right and fair; that they will be transparent, righteous, just, merciful, unselfish and sensitive to the need of the people, especially those in the lower income group; that they will be humble, and realise that they will have to give account to God, because they were appointed by Him. Pray that God will grant them wisdom as they deal with the important issues of good governance and restoring economic stability in the nation.

Wednesday, (Oct 3) – Pray for the ongoing programmes in church: Freedom In Christ Discipleship Course, Freed to Lead & XEE Semester 18. Pray for God’s grace upon all the participants. Pray for God’s protection upon them, and that He will strengthen them so they will faithfully attend all the remaining sessions of their respective courses. Pray that they will be blessed and grow in their faith as the Holy Spirit empowers them to put into practice all the principles they have learnt.

Thursday, (Oct 4) – The Royal Klang Heritage Walk organized by the Community Services will be held this Saturday, October 6, 2018. Praise God for all those who have signed up for this walk. Pray for cool and fine weather, and God’s protection upon everyone as they walk round the historic streets of Klang. Pray that our church members will invite their pre-believing friends for the walk, and there will be good interaction between all the participants. Pray that everyone will have a good, enjoyable time.

Friday, (Oct 5) – Pray for the Methodist Church: The Sabah Provisional Annual Conference (SPAC) has a need for English speaking pastors / retired pastors to serve in SPAC for at least a two-year period, and are willing to pay for their stipends. Pray that pastors / retired pastors will respond to the need. Pray that God will use the SPAC to reach out to many in Sabah and thus strengthen the faith of the Christians there as well as reach out to pre-believers.

Saturday, (Oct 6) – Pray for the World: In China, many Buddhist ethnic minority groups cannot speak Chinese. Translators are working to produce a Bible in their language, but are afraid of being discovered, especially in the light of the recent persecutions against Christianity in the nation. Pray that God will protect their work, and it will be hidden from the authorities. Pray for wisdom, perseverance and good health for the translators, and that these minority groups will have access to the Bible in their own language.

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