Prayer Points: September 8, 2019

Sunday, (Sep 8) – Praise God that Jesus is the Prince of Peace, who has come to restore complete wholeness and unity in our world. Praise Him for His awesome grace that is making a family of sons and daughters from every nation, tribe, ethnic and language group. Pray that God will use us as channels of His Shalom peace in our nation, especially among those who are of a different race, and who do not share our culture, circumstances, and beliefs. Pray for forgiveness for the divisions and walls of hostility we have built through our attitudes, words, and actions towards others. Pray that we will work diligently for peace where we live, work and worship.

Monday, (Sep 9) – Pray for our children as they will be facing important year end examinations. Pray for good health for them. Pray that God give them peace of mind as they prepare for the examinations. Pray that He will help them focus on what they are studying, and keep them from all distractions so that they will make the best use of the time that is available to them. Pray that the Lord will give them insight, that they might understand what they are studying, and help them to remember it when the time comes, so they can answer the examination questions to the best of their ability.

Tuesday, (Sep 10) – Pray that the Christians in Malaysia will reflect the holiness of God, and live in a manner that is worthy of Him. Pray that we will strive to live our lives in a manner that is pleasing to God – in gentleness, and with kindness towards others, and in reverence towards the Lord. Pray that God will purify our hearts, cleanse our inner thoughts and examine the very motives behind our acts and attitudes, and if there is anything that is displeasing to Him in our lives, He would root it out, so that we may live in godly holiness. Pray that God will prevent us from being squeezed into the world’s mold, but rather that we be conformed more and more into the image and likeness of Christ.

Wednesday, (Sep 11) –.Pray for the Nation: Praise God that the nation will be celebrating our 56th Malaysia Day on September 16, 2019. Pray that Malaysians of the various different races and religions will embrace that diversity and celebrate our similarities. Pray for a national policy that will bring about equality between the races and religions, that every citizen will enjoy the wealth of the country, especially the people of Sabah and Sarawak. Pray that both the politicians and the rakyat will focus on building a new generation that is “raceless”, but truly Malaysian.

Thursday, (Sep 12) – There are three interdenominational prayer gatherings organized for Malaysia Day: NECF Malaysia Day Prayer Rally (September 15, evening), Malaysia Day of Prayer by Prayer United (September 16, morning), and Malaysia Day of Prayer in Klang by Klang Pastors’ Fellowship (September 16, night). Pray that our church members will make it a priority to attend at least one of the above prayer gatherings, and the bus the church has hired to go for the Prayer United event will be filled to capacity. Pray that all over the nation, there will be prayer gatherings organized. Pray that God’s favour and blessings will be upon all these prayer gatherings.

Friday, (Sep 13) – Pray for TRAC: Pray for the TRAC Methodist Women Convention (September 14-16, 2019). Praise God that about 100 women have registered for the Convention in I-City. The theme is The Significant Woman. Pray for journey mercy for all the participants. Pray that they will be encouraged and be spiritually renewed. Pray for the speakers: Juliette Arulrajah, YB Hannah Yeoh and Heidi Quah, for God’s anointing upon them as they speak. Pray that all the women will be recharged to love God more, as well as the people around them.

Saturday, (Sep 14) – Pray for the World: In eastern Sri Lanka, radical Muslims are pressurizing Tamils, both Hindus and Christians, to convert to Islam. Sometimes violence is used. At least 10 villages that used to be Tamil are now 100% Muslim, while 50 new Muslim villages have sprung up with Arab funding. Christians comprise about 15-20% of the Tamils in this part of Sri Lanka. Pray for full religious liberty in Sri Lanka, and for peace between all religions and ethnic groups

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