Prayer Points: September 9, 2018

Sunday, (Sep 9) – Praise God for the supremacy of Christ that we see God in Christ now by faith and one day by sight. Praise God for the supremacy of Christ who reminds us that our lives are for Him and not for ourselves. Praise God for the supremacy of Christ that He is always in control of every situation in life. Praise God for the supremacy of Christ who has done all that is necessary to reconcile us to God, that we do not have to work for God’s acceptance, but receive it by faith. Praise God for the supremacy of Christ that assures us that we are part of His family who will one day sit down and dine with Him, the One who is supreme.

Monday, (Sep 10) – Pray that we will not “put out fleeces”, repent of any lack of willingness to trust God, and to take Him at His Word. When we find ourselves at the crossroads, unsure of our next step, pray that the Lord will grant us the wisdom and insight we need to choose the best path. Pray that we will always seek God’s Word first knowing that God will never direct us to a course outside His Word, and after we receive His answer, to go forward in faith.

Tuesday, (Sep 11) – Pray for the World: Pray for Japan in the aftermath of deadly floods, typhoons, earthquakes, landslides and heatwaves, for God’s grace, strength and comfort upon the people as they seek to rebuild their homes and lives. Pray that the Christians in Japan will reach out to those affected by the natural disasters with compassion, practical help and comfort, demonstrating the love of Christ.

Wednesday, (Sep 12) – Pray for the Nation: Pray for Malaysia this Malaysia Day, giving thanks to God for uniting Sabah and Sarawak with Peninsula Malaysia in 1963. Pray that the federal government will truly value the states of Sabah and Sarawak, and cater for the needs of the people there. There could be plans to build a highway linking Sarawak and Sabah through by-passing Brunei. Pray that this will become a reality. Pray too for the unity of national leaders from different races in Malaysia, especially under the new government. Pray for good communication, love and harmony among the leaders. Above all, pray that that God’s name will be magnified in Malaysia in 2018.

Thursday, (Sep 13) – Even as many churches throughout the nation will be gathering together to worship God and pray for our nation during this weekend as we celebrate Malaysia Day, pray for God’s blessing and anointing upon all the prayer services throughout the nation as His people come together with deep gratitude and joyful thanksgiving for all that God has done for our nation in 2018. Pray that as the Christians come together, especially in inter-denominational prayer services, the world will believe and know that the Father has sent Jesus (John 17:21 & 23). Pray that the Church of Malaysia will be a missional Church that will shepherd God’s flock, and extend care to others, assuming its social responsibility and be a blessing to the community.

Friday, (Sep 14) – Pray for TRAC: At the recently completed Second Local Conference of Trinity Methodist Church PJ, Rev Ting Moy Hong listed several prayer items for the church. Pray that the church members will lovingly and wholeheartedly serve God in joyful obedience and purposefully pass down a legacy of faith to the younger generation in the church. Pray that the church will not be known as a community of dividers, but rather as a community of gatherers – united for the Lord and His ministry. Pray too that people will get used to the one Sunday morning worship service and come to worship Him as one big family of God.

Saturday, (Sep 15) – There are still many slots left for the Come Hang Out With Us event organized by the Youth Ministry. Praise God for all the adults who have signed up to hang out with the youths and get to know them better. Pray that more adults will respond and make a date with our youths to connect with them. As the closing date to sign up is tomorrow, September 16, 2018, pray that our church members will come forward and fill up all the vacant slots.

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