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Like Eagles

Original Key : F | Current Key : F
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F   C5/F   Bb2/F  (4x)

F             C                      Gm                          C
O my soul, do you not know, have you not heard

                 F                    Dm
Itís been told from the beginning

        Gm                      Csus
The Lord your God is on your side

F             C                 Gm                        C
O my soul, donít be afraid, hope in the Lord

                 F                      Dm
By His righteousness and power

                  Gm                      Csus
He will strengthen, He will guide

                F               Dm7
And I will soar on wings like eagles

Gm7               Csus
Held by the hand of God

       F/A            Dm7
I will run and not grow tired

        Gm7                   Csus
When on His name I call

               F        Dm7
For the Lord is never weary

     Gm7                Csus
His ways are beyond my thoughts

        Dm      C           Gm  C      F    C5/F  Bb2/F
I will trust in Him with all   my heart

 Last time 
And I will rest upon His promise, patiently Iíll wait

F  C5/F  Bb2/F

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